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14 Ways To Become A Better Person

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Why would anyone want to become a better person when they are okay with what they are? What does its implication signify? Everyone has a fatal flaw/inner demons – something which they are not proud of. Although secretive about it, they still want to be the best possible version. And in this pursuit, they strike hard to achieve that.

We all are hungry for happiness, success and have innumerable aspirations, but what are they without goodness. We do not want to be the villains in the movie celebrating after hurting someone. To become better in your thinking starts with internal reflection and improvement. And there are many ways to become a better person once you have solidified the reason behind it. To become a better person, you will have to let go of negative and narcissistic traits.

If you aspire to climb the steps of contentment, here are the ways to become a better person. Remember – a better person always encourage the betterment of people in life.

Ways To Become A Better Person

1. Respect And Support Others

Respect And Support Others
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Forget about the differences in class, age, opinions, etc.; they are, after all, the product of vices. To become a better version, you need to see other people as humans with feelings. Be helpful to them. People are not going to start respecting you magically. First, you need to be respectful of yourself to achieve that zone. Respect your body, mind, and everything. Respecting and supporting others goes a long way. Relationships are built on mutual respect.

2. Control Your Anger

Control Your Anger
Source: Healthline

Anger destroys everything. It fills you with rage, and your actions become unpredictable. You never know what may come out of your mouth when you are raging at a person. Shouting at a person surely put in a hating list. (Blame your hostile behavior!) Although it is a natural emotion, controlling your anger does prevent clouding your senses. How you deal with your emotions is admirable to the people around you. Who likes to be friends with people who have anger issues and disrespects without blinking an eye?

Releasing pent-up anger also benefits your health. It saves you from making unwise decisions, strengthens your emotional intelligence without making you vulnerable, stops you from being resentful, and taking revenge maintains your physical health by combating digestive issues. Anger is never the solution if you want to become a better person. And history exemplifies it perfectly! Look what wars did!

3. Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself
Source: Project Bold Life

Self-improvement focuses on seeing yourself in bright light. It is the basic step to become a better person. Life is a rollercoaster ride whose pitfalls might trick you into thinking about the possible worst things about yourself. But don’t let it win. You cannot be the better version of yourself unless you believe it is going to work. Having faith in your action acts as a catalyst to self-enhancement.

Believe in yourself. Repeat it throughout the day as many times as required. Journal it down or say it to yourself. When you treat yourself with respect, you automatically treat others properly. Work on your negative habits and let go of them. Treat them as an assignment you want to excel in. 

4. Read Books

Read Books
Source: Thought Catalog

Don’t be so discombobulated. Reading books impacts your life intensely. And if you are as confused as a newborn baby, then I suggest you understand how to read a book. Reading is inspirational. It helps in articulating your thoughts and teaches you how to focus. And on this journey to become a better person, you will need a proper focus. You may resort to momentary pause once you cannot act the way you wanted to, but fill this pause with a book. 

When you are struggling with a thought, select any novel you would like to read. Drink coffee and have some snacks and immerse yourself in its world. Books are filled with knowledge. They are instructive and informative. They are the best way to train you into a better person. They make you emphatic (which is necessary for relationships); they manage your stress (which saves you from unwanted problems due to it); they make you knowledgeable (which prevents involvement in unnecessary gossip) So, what’s stopping you from taking a book?

5. Be Open minded

Be Open-minded
Source: Medium

With so much happening around us, it is very easy to lose a grasp of the truth. Every person is different from the other, and believing a tattle tale and judging a person will definitely take you a step back on the road to self-improvement. You are not a good person if you enjoy judging people and express a polarized view about them. This habit is detrimental and can earn a bad reputation for you.

To become a better person requires an unfiltered mind that looks beyond the mask people are wearing. Avoid such people who eat gossip for breakfast and communicate with responsible, optimistic, and non-judgmental. You can achieve open-mindedness by reading books, traveling, meeting new people, considering different perspectives.

6. Show Integrity And Consistency

Show Integrity And Consistency
Source: Unsplash

Integrity and consistency show how serious you are about your promise and distinguishes one from the people who just show-off. Value the emotions people invest in you and show how sincere you are about them. Nothing is the better way to become a better person by staying consistent and maintaining integrity with the people around you. Integrity and consistency also help you in your professional life when you need to complete a work. It forms a routine that makes a deadline seem like an easy trophy.

7. Keep Traveling

Keep Traveling
Source: Unsplash

Many people have listed out the benefits of traveling, and they are not wrong. Traveling exposes you to different cultures, ethnicity, people, etc. It brings a practical education which the four walls of the home may not provide. Yes, reading books on traveling is a good idea; it helps you develop interest, but traveling justifies that interest. And when will you get the chance to see nature’s caricature if you don’t travel?

8. Stop Self-criticizing Constantly

Stop Self-criticizing Constantly
Source: Lifehack

Overpaying attention to your inner critic is self-abuse. Reflecting on your mistakes is the mark of following on the self-reflection journey, but too much distrust in yourself will call problems. If you are unsatisfied with yourself, nothing will please you because unnecessary self-criticism will always focus on the faults. After a while, you will start throwing at people, causing broken relationships. Therefore, positive acclamation is the best way to become a better person.

9. Relax Yourself

Relax Yourself
Source: Unsplash

Working hard nonstop might give you temporary success, but it will make your health feeble. Relaxing is an effective antidote that cures stress, placating your mind from clutter. But how does relaxing properly help you become a better person? A clear mind sought plausible transparency to tackle problems you face; it helps articulate your decisions concisely and assuage internal pain. Consequently, your internal peace evinces a better person out of you. Take undisturbed rest by incorporating different ways and see how a fresh mind brings out the best in you.

10. Enjoy Every Moment

Enjoy Every Moment
Source: Unsplash

Find happiness in little things. Don’t take your problems everywhere you go. We are so busy with monetary dreams that we forget to prioritize fun and happiness. Have a few laughs with the people you love and are comfortable with. Explore places with memorable lifestyles. What can you do with your free time that balances your busy schedule? Please do it! Drink your morning coffee mindfully, experiencing every sip. These little things constitute your life holistically and help you become a better person.

11. Set Relevant And Manageable Goals

Set Relevant And Manageable Goals
Source: Success Magazine

Relevant and manageable are the key terms when one is setting goals. Having a clear vision of your wants indicates a well-planned strategy. And sometimes, it is an important requirement that helps seize the day. Planned tasks prevent unsatisfactory results, frustrating feelings resulting from a cluttered environment, which brings down your mood. Proper goals clarify what you want in life, and once you know that, you dedicate yourself to these goals. Most people fail to attain them as their goals are not organized. And eventually, they blamed themselves and the people around them.

12. Write Everyday

Write Everyday
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Writing is a form of self-discipline. Writing is the best way to structure, analyze, and interpret your erratic thoughts. Our mind is capable of mindless thinking, which can bring distorted perspectives, criticisms, unreliable emotions, etc. To alter our mind from being chaotic, writing is the remedy. When you write your thoughts, you consider them relevant. And the penned thoughts give you time to reflect whether they are righteous or just another gamble of disparities. Hence, writing is therapeutic; otherwise, it leaves room for the Greek tragedy to self-invite.

13. Forgiveness

Source: Medium

Forgiveness is the crucial key that helps one become a better person. Hatred and toxicity do no good for your health. And this pent up anger releases negativity around you. These vices clutch your life like a parasite, filling you with bad energy, which stunts your personal growth. Hence, learn to forgive people, even those who are not even sorry. Anyone can partake in mistakes, especially your loved ones. But they don’t intentionally mean any harm to you. Forgiveness, as Buddhism believes, is “a path towards a better life and enlightenment”.

14. Quit When It No Longer Serves You

Quit When It No Longer Serves You
Source: Medium

We all heard sometime in our lives that quitting is for cowards. This corrupted definition will naturally prove to be one of the toxic teachings when the time comes. When something is no longer serving you, latching onto it will only cease your progress, mentally and physically. If a relationship brings out the worst in you, you will only blame yourself for the problems it causes. If you work in a toxic job/workplace, it will stop your career growth. At this moment, quitting is the only smart choice you can follow.

To become a better person is a journey of finding yourself. It is a matter of choice, a healthy choice, that focuses on the positive aspects while surrounded by a plethora of unwanted moments. Start practising these healthy choices to become a better and better person.

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