Health and Wellness14 Do's and Don'ts for a Healthy Body in Rainy Season

14 Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Body in Rainy Season

Being healthy is not a one-time event. You need to put effort time and again to keep the body healthy throughout the year. Different seasons require different types of care. The rainy season is one of the most complicated times for the body, as the frequent changes in the weather hurt the body. This is why taking proper care of the body is crucial.

Here are a few ways to keep the body healthy during the rainy season

1. Drink warm water

Drinking warm water protects from germs and bacteria. Warm water washes away toxins collected inside the body and prevents bacteria in water from entering the body, hence it is the first level defense mechanism to stay protected in the rainy season.

2. Eat food that is not prone to rotting fast

Some food starts getting pest-infected as soon as it starts raining. Avoiding these kinds of food in the rainy season is essential to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the body.

3. Avoid leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are prone to germs and growth of microorganisms during rains. Avoiding them during rain is important. Instead one can opt for solid vegetables and vegetables resistant to germs.

4. Consume homemade juices

Homemade juices are a better option to stay healthy in the rainy season. Making juice at home ensures that the pulps are properly checked against any kind of microorganisms.

5. Be careful of not to consume excessively cold food

The rainy season is a time when the weather change is drastic and sudden. Eating too cold food can lead to cold and seasonal diseases. Hence avoiding cold food like ice creams or cold drinks helps in staying healthy.

6. Increase vitamin C intake

Vitamin C keeps the immune system strong and helps the body to fight germs and bacteria. The rainy season is a time when most viruses grow, it is the best time to increase vitamin C intake.

7. Avoid junk food

Junk foods are usually not made following any standards. This makes them prone to germs. Rains make the ingredients used in preparing junk foods more contaminated hence, eating it becomes harmful. Avoiding junk food during the rainy season is a healthy option.

8. Destroy mosquito breeding ground

Mosquitos are the major vectors of disease during rains. Pools of water created at every place acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes leading to diseases. Hence, destroying these breeding grounds of mosquitoes is important.

9. Add disinfectant to bathing water

Usually, normal soap and water are enough to keep the body clean and hygienic. However, in the rainy season it is important to take extra care. Using disinfectants in water helps in keeping the body healthy and hygienic.

10. Eat probiotics

Probiotics fight germs and bacteria. It helps to keep the body active in fighting diseases. The rainy season is the best time to eat probiotic-rich food as it keeps the immunity strong.

11. Take enough sleep

Getting proper sleep is important for a healthy body. It helps in keeping the body rested and helps in rejuvenation. Lethargy is common in the rainy season and proper sleep helps in removing lethargy.

12. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise keeps the body healthy and improves its fighting mechanism. It improves blood flow and removes toxins from the body. Therefore, regular exercise is important for the body in the rainy season.

13. Keep your hands hygienic

Hands are the first body parts that come in contact with germs. Washing hands cannot be emphasized more, as its importance has already been emphasized by the pandemic.

14. Do not wear damp clothes

Damp clothes in rainy seasons are another breeding ground for germs. It makes the body itchy and leads to fungal and bacterial infections. Avoid damp clothes, iron the clothes that cannot get properly dried in the monsoon.

Rainy season can become a gateway of viruses and infections immediately. To avoid falling sick during the monsoon, follow the above tips and enjoy the rain without germs.

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