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16 Moments which prove that love is the underlying Strength of Humanity

Compassion and care motivate and sustain humanity. The love towards our parents, kids, partners, and even the inhumane living beings is an example of it. We find peace in people we love and this bond motivates each one of us to live a better and happy life. Every day we come across various such incidents that we often forget.

Here are a few moments that show that love is the underlying strength of humanity

1. Taking care of our body

Loving others starts with loving yourself. If you are compassionate towards yourself, being caring becomes a part and parcel of life. It is the most common example of love that one has in their life.

2. Dressing the way you like every day

Dressing, makeup, skincare, and staying fit are all a part of caring about yourself and it is important as it makes you confident and improve your self-esteem. It shows your personality and care for yourself and eventually others around.

3. Calling your parents

Staying connected and calling your parents regularly is often sidelined as a trivial thing. But it is these small things that matter, when so many kids around the world working away from their families remember their parents each day, it shows how these bonds keep us going.

4. Longing for being around people

A human being cannot live alone for a long time. They need a companion. Someone to talk to and share their emotions. Family and relations are made due to this longing and it is the love in a person that makes him willing to accept bonds and show their love in different ways.

5. Helping an unknown person

If compassion had not been so dominant and important a person could have ignored a needy person and had moved ahead in life. But this is not the case, whenever you find someone in need of help the first thought that comes to mind is how can you help them. This is love that encourages you to do such activities.

6. Trying to rebuild someone’s life

Helping your friends and family, in fact a colleagues to rebuild their lives from scratch when they have suffered a setback is an example of love that holds this humanity together.

7. Helping in local business

Helping someone to grow their business or being helped by someone in the journey is one of the most important features of life and it shows how people care for each other and support each other, instead of competing it is this support that shows love as the underlying strength of humanity.

8. Social work

Social work is an explicit example of compassion. Using your resources to help sections of societies to grow is important not just for the people who belong to that section but also for the entire human race.

9. Taking care of nature

Nature often becomes a part of our lives and gets so intact into the journey of living that showing love and care to them and observing their growth along with your own gets integrated. This is another great example of love and care towards the surroundings.

10. Teamwork

Teamwork builds support and cooperative spirit. People in a team are one and it is each other’s love that keeps everyone sailing through every ups and downs.

11. Eating together

Eating together makes us more affectionate. Consuming food together and praying that you get food every day is something you should be thankful for.

12. Spending time with your pet

Pets are great friends and family, people pet animals because they do not have someone to show their love or want a companion to whom they can show love and care.

13. Being concerned about social issues

Being concerned about social issues shows that you have emotions and care about every living and nonliving being. It is this quality that helps in eradicating ills from society.

14. Choosing a career that makes an impact

Choosing the right career is important. People are often misled in their careers. More so because they do not know their purpose. However, if you choose to remove a social issue you will find an apt career that will spread love and compassion in the world.

15. Spirituality

Spirituality makes you more saturated and clear. The whole idea behind being more clear is that you can perform better. If you can perform better you will be able to better serve humanity.

16. Forgiveness

If you keep hard feelings and restrain forgiving, it will not just affect you mentally but also emotionally. Forgiving is the biggest quality of a person and one of the most important qualities that uphold humanity. The underlying value behind forgiving is love.

Though our life is a tale of love and struggles and every moment is a combination of it. There are some moments we can count and quantify and there are some moments that cannot be expressed in words. Here are just a few events that everyone can easily relate to.

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