Health and Wellness16 Food and Activities that will keep your Hairs Healthy

16 Food and Activities that will keep your Hairs Healthy

Healthy hair is every person’s dream. Especially with the changing scenario where hair fall and dandruff have become regular visitors, it is important to take proper care of the hair. To make this task easier here is a list of food and activities that will help you in keeping your hair healthy.

16 Food and Activities that will keep your Hairs Healthy

1. Meat and fish

Meat and fish are protein and other vital nutrients important for the hair and skin. As protein is an important component of hair, fish, and meat keep the hair strong and prevent breakage.

2. Legumes

The presence of zinc, iron, and biotin in legumes helps in keeping the hairs strong and protects them from breaking. Biotin improves the structure of hair protein, and keratin, and prevents it from breakages.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables especially green leafy vegetables have fibers and important minerals for the strength of the hair. The vitamins and beta carotene present in them keep the hair healthy and moisturized hence preventing any breakage.

4. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits rich in vitamin C are good for the scalp as they help in curing dandruff. It nourishes and boosts hair growth and helps in combating oily hair. Dandruff is the root cause of several hair issues and once it is healed a lot of problems are automatically healed. Hence, citrus fruits are an enriching food for healthy hair.

5. Papaya

Papayas help in repairing damaged hair. It is beneficial in tackling the damages caused in the middle layer of the hairs and thereby reduces its fall and strengthens them.

6. Eggs

Not just applying eggs on the scalp but eating them also has immense benefits for the hair. It is a superfood for hairs rich in Vitamin A E and biotin that strengthens hair follicles and makes them healthier and shinier.

7. Avocado

Avocados are a rich source of oil. Eating them gives natural moisture to the hairs makes them healthy and prevents it from damaging them.

8. Scalp massage

Massaging the scalp increases blood flow in the roots of hairs and strengthens the follicles. It improves muscle tension and improves the nervous system.

9. Good nutrition

Good nutrition is the ultimate need of the body. Every organ and part of the body needs nourishment and hair. Good nutrition helps in keeping the hair healthy.

10. Workout and yoga

Yoga and workouts remove toxins from the body and help improve the nutrients reaching the scalp. Several yoga postures help in improving blood flow in the scalp and prevent early hair graying.

11. Stress free life

Out of all the reasons that lead to hair fall, stress is the most prominent one. Stressful life leads to hair fall and fast hair damage. It eventually leads to several other problems including dandruff and split ends, hence staying happy and being stress-free is not just good for the mind but also for the hairs.

12. Protecting hairs from pollution

Pollution is another major cause of hair damage. It is not just important to protect the hair from pollution by eating healthy but also by protecting it from pollution from outside by wearing a scarf when out or using an umbrella to protect your hair.

13. Choosing the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo is equally necessary for healthy hair. Everyone has different hair types and choosing the hair cleanser accordingly keeps it healthy.

14. Trimming hairs regularly

Properly trimmed hairs are a cause and effect of healthy hairs. Timely cutting of hairs divides the nutrients in hairs equally and prevents damage and weakening of hairs near the ends.

15. Brushing them right

Brushing hairs rightly helps in preventing entanglement which further prevents breakage and hair thinning. Brushing also helps in blood circulation in the scalp and techniques like reverse brushing are highly beneficial in promoting hair growth.

16. Avoiding heat as much as possible

Heat is the biggest enemy of our hair. Heat styling is in vogue but has its own drawbacks and faults. Heat not only makes the hair thin but also removes the important nutrients from it making it dry and prone to breakages.

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body. It not only adds beauty to your personality but also gives confidence and improves self-esteem therefore taking care of it is necessary.

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