Inspirational Stories12 Ways to Lead and Live a Fulfilling Life

12 Ways to Lead and Live a Fulfilling Life

Every time the notification for an update pops up on your phone, you click right away and update your device, thinking this will help you get better features and configurations. And, it does improve your mobile phone to some extent. Have you ever wondered if there is a way you could update your life? How quick would you click on that notification to get those upgrades to have a fulfilling life?

Here are some of the pop-ups you shouldn’t be missing, 12 ways to lead and live a fulfilling life.

1. Be truthful in your words

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If speaking up is like silver, then keeping shut is gold. We sometimes find ourselves in a condition where we have to say something to make certain promises or commitments. And in that moment, we end up saying it without realizing if we could stick up to it or not. Well, at that point in time, you should think twice before making a statement about whether you can live up to it or not. Is it doable? If the answer is yes, only then give your word. Make sure you stay truthful in your words because a statement once made can never be reversed.

2. Honour the promises you make to your friends and enemies too

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Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep. People may or may not believe in you based on what you say and how often you remain true to it. It’s always easy to make promises, but what you don’t see is how tough it could get to live up to it. Don’t be stupid by giving out bogus promises like a Sunday treat. Not only do we give a word to our friends but also our enemies at times. And when you do, make sure you put the utmost effort into attaining it. Be a man of your word.

3. Foster sincere love for one another

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Show how much you love one another with your actions rather than just expressing them through words. The three magical words “I love you” slip out within the blink of an eye. But do we mean it, or has it become a ritual to end a conversation with this line now? “Actions speak louder than words”; one needs to feel loved when they are around you. The little gestures you make for them should come straight from your heart. And once you express that true affection, the world will reciprocate the same onto you. Because what goes around comes around. Eventually, who wouldn’t like some extra love coming their way?

4. Come together for a cause

Come together for a cause
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“There is no planet B”, we all know this fact but do we really treat the one we have as planet A? Scrolling through social media, we come across profiles of NGOs and organizations that are working for a cause. Let that be environmental awareness, education, hunger, or menstrual hygiene. Just within a fraction of a second, we glance at it and scroll away. Instead can’t we go through the page, read about them, enroll in the program, and make a difference? That’s the least you could do. Find a cause that you wish to support and give all that you can to impact that one life. Remember, “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

5. Don’t be deceitful or disloyal to anyone

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The biggest gift that you can offer someone is your loyalty towards them. Every relationship stands firm on this pillar. Once it is shaken up, you can’t expect the building to stand for too long. Trust, loyalty, honesty, and respect act as a mortar that makes a relationship stick together firm and strong. Offer the best that you can, and if you can’t bring the best to the table, that isn’t probably the right time you should leave and walk off. It’s better to have a void rather than fill it with illusory elements.

6. Don’t entertain doubts after certitude

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Giving the benefit of the doubt is certainly the toughest thing one could do. I am not asking you to blindly trust people based on what they say. But do take some time to see things differently from others’ points of view. And once the clouds of doubt are clear, don’t make it cloudy back again. Not just for others but also for yourself too. Don’t question your worth, don’t doubt your potential. Of course, there are going to be hardships or things you can’t figure out. But having disbelief isn’t the right thing; always something you should do is to switch to believing. “Faith in yourself can work miracles.”

7. Don’t step back from cowardice after boldly moving forward

Don't step back from cowardice after boldly moving forward
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After showing faith in yourself, you come to a decision and start moving towards it. Right after taking a few steps, you find yourself in a dilemma, not knowing whether you can complete what you just started. And overthinking the same makes you step back. If all the successful people in the world just gave up on their dreams because they were too scared to reach them, would they ever savor victory? The first step is always the most difficult one; moving out of your comfort zone requires courage, but once you gather enough of it all, you get ahead, and there are the golden days.

8. Take care of yourself

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Forget the painful memories of the past and focus on the good things. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. So, stop beating around the bush over what happened in the past. Just get on with your life and stop stressing so much. Start by loving yourself and forgiving yourself for your mistakes. This will help you learn and grow from them. Remember that you are not a mistake; you are a valuable and amazing person. If you respect yourself, others will respect you too.

9. Never brag about yourself

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Always set a good example. Words are never as powerful as actions. Show your leadership by doing, not just talking about it; effective leadership necessitates consistency. So when you are the best at your work, you will feel confident and satisfied.

10. Don’t just accept help; learn to give

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Don’t just take what others offer you – learn to give back in return. This will make everyone happier and more content. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can do to help others. This will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Investing your time in someone who will be appreciated more than monetary assistance is wise.

11. Maintain discipline in your personal and professional lives

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Never combine your personal and professional lives. If you want to live a happy and successful life, keep them apart at all times. Developing discipline makes it easier to accomplish goals. Since both of them hold you accountable, discipline is necessary for both of them to know your true nature.

12. Do not express hatred

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Hatred is a negative trait. If you are constantly showing hatred towards someone, it creates an unhealthy aura. Because life is too short, live it to the fullest by bringing happiness, joy, and love to everyone around you. Set aside your ego because it will divert your attention away from what you truly want to do with your life. Learn to love and surround yourself with positive energy.

Stop looking for people who treat you the right way; instead, treat them the way you wish to be treated. Making amends to the world and creating a safe space for the human species is certainly in our hands. And to do so, we need to upgrade our actions toward one another. Only then can we have a prosperous life for each one of us.

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