Food and Nutrition16 Miraculous Benefits of Drinking Water

16 Miraculous Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking ample amounts of water can alone lead to the solution of various problems. Our body contains 60% water and that is why it heals the most by absorbing it. Due to the lack of time and rush of the present life, drinking water and even eating food properly has become a luxury, more so because of the lack of awareness about its importance.

16 Miraculous Benefits of Drinking Water

1. Skin clarity

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Drinking lots of water releases toxins and purifies the skin. It also maintains the oil production and keeps the skin healthy. In summer hydration is especially important as it protects from heat and damage.

2. Weight control


The more water you drink the more weight will be lost. Water helps in cutting down excess fat from the body, it also keeps the body energized which eventually increases the physical activity of the body thereby maintaining its weight. It also reduces the appetite if taken before the meals which helps in controlling weight.

3. Blood pressure regulation


Drinking a good amount of water helps in hydrating the cells and reduces the vasopressin secretion thereby reducing chances of high blood pressure.

4. Boosts energy


Loss of water or drinking less water leads to laziness and irritation. Water acts as an instant booster and provides energy to work and stay active. It increases energy and helps in fighting fatigue.

5. Regulates body temperature


Sweating is a common process that helps to regulate the temperature of the body, especially in summer. A lot of water is lost during this process which needs to be compensated by drinking more water.

6. Important for kidney function


One of the main functions of water in the human body is to remove waste from human blood in the form of urine. It also keeps the blood vessels open so that blood can travel easily to the kidneys therefore playing a crucial role in kidney function.

7. Joint health

Pain in the joints

Water keeps the joints lubricated and flexible. Synovial fluid that directly lubricates your joints is mainly composed of water. It reduces friction between the joints and helps in maintaining healthy tissues and joints.

8. Maximizes physical performance


Stay hydrated improves energy, helps in movement, maintains flexibility in joints, helps in thermoregulation, and aids mental clarity and activity. This improves physical performance and prevents injuries.

9. Removes toxins from the body


Water helps in removing toxins from the body. It’s a universal solvent that helps in dissolving toxins and removing them through sweating and in the form of urine, thereby cleansing the body.

10. Affects brain activity and energy level


Water increases the blood flow and amount of oxygen entering the brain which improves brain activity and cognitive development. It also helps in managing mood and emotions thereby reducing stress.

11. Prevents and treats headaches


By managing brain activity and improving oxygen and blood flow in the brain, water prevents and heels headaches. It manages emotions and mood swings which prevents headaches.

12. Helps in relieving constipation


Water helps in relieving a constipated stomach as it improves the oxygen intake in the stomach. More water in the gut softens the stool and improves the bowel movement.

13. Makes minerals and nutrients accessible

Whole grain meals

Water makes nutrients and minerals more accessible to every part of the body as it is a universal solvent. Water itself is rich in minerals and nutrients needed by our body. The more water you drink the more nutrients and minerals the body absorbs.

14. Prevents kidney stones

Bloating in the stomach

Researchers have found that drinking water rich in minerals like magnesium and bicarbonates resulted in favorable changes in urine pH, preventing and slowing the formation of kidney stones.

15. Reduces hangover


A good amount of water intake prevents hangovers. It is proved through research and surveys that dehydration causes symptoms that increase the chances of a hangover. It is advised to drink water in between and after drinks to prevent a hangover.

16. Helps in proper metabolism


Water in the body softens the food and makes it easier to digest. It also manages the oxygen and blood flow in the body which aids metabolism. Water is necessary for metabolizing stored fat into energy and even slight dehydration can make the metabolism slow.

Lifeforms cannot sustain themselves without water. However, after knowing the importance of drinking a good amount of water it becomes even more necessary to maintain this balance and live a healthy life.

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