Inspirational Stories14 Ways to be More Productive in a Day

14 Ways to be More Productive in a Day

Productivity changes the way you pursue your targets. It makes a difference by adding value to your everyday life and work. Though it is easy to make a routine that sounds productive, it is tough to follow it for a long time. To maintain productivity and make the most out of the time ahead of you, you can follow a few methods.

Here are a few ways to be more productive

1. Planning and scheduling


Planning and scheduling is an important activity. If you start your work without planning there are chances of it going wrong. Planning gives a stipulated direction and helps in taking every step cautiously.

2. Making a habit and following it without fail


Practice makes every work perfect. Habit is like a practice, it builds into a regular habit that makes you perfect at work. If good habits are inculcated over time they benefit in making your days more productive.

3. Never skip a work twice in one go


Our mind gets easily programmed the way we handle things. It also gets into a habit easily especially if it finds something appealing. Skipping any work twice makes it a habit that the mind finds attractive. If you skip studying for two days you will find it harder for the third day.

4. Stay motivated


Staying motivated is important to continue the process of struggle. You need the motivation to get up early every day and work late till night. The energy to do this will come from motivation which will keep the willingness to work hard alive.

5. Limiting distractions

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Distractions are hard to stay away from. Sometimes it comes so gradually that it is not noticeable. It takes away most of the time from the day. Limiting distractions already gives a lot of time which can be utilized to do productive work.

6. Taking proper breaks

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Rest and activity are complementary. It is important to take rest and have breaks while working. Breaks make the entire process of working easier and help in stay active and energized for a longer time.

7. Set smaller goals

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Breaking goals into smaller parts and working on each part simultaneously helps in achieving the goal and making the day productive. Setting small goals also helps in getting a better view of the task at hand.

8. Do not multitask


Multitasking distracts the mind at several actions at the same time. This leads to less attention to one thing and diverts attention. None of the tasks are better executed when all of them are done at once. This leads to less productivity, hence multitasking should be avoided.

9. Time blocking


Time blocking means keeping certain time limits for every work. It saves a lot of time and the saved time can be utilized in other important activities. Time blocking is a great technique to save time and be productive.

10. Understanding the energy of the place

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Every place has a different energy. You cannot study in the bedroom and cannot sleep in the study room. Places have energy and that is why understanding and doing the work according to the place helps in making every work better.

11. Start with the hardest thing

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Doing the hardest thing first gives a sense of relief and every other work goes better. We often have more energy at the beginning of the day and doing tougher jobs at the beginning of the day helps in keeping the rest of the day lighter.

12. Identify when you are most productive

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Out of the number of hours you are awake, there are times when the activity is most. Identify this time as it can be beneficial and productive.

13. Give some time to yourself

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Although you might be following your dreams and goals. It is important to give some time to hobbies and fun activities. This time helps in refreshing yourself and making the most out of the time that is given to work.

14. Focus on meditation

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Meditation calms the mind and body. It relieves stress and helps in focusing better. Mediation also keeps diseases away which is good for health, and a healthy body is more productive.

Simply working is not enough when you are on the journey to achieve your goals. It is important to be productive and make the most out of the time at hand. Following the above techniques would help you gain more productivity and therefore make the most out of everyday life.

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