Food and Nutrition13 Ways to Include Healthy Food in Our Busy Schedule

13 Ways to Include Healthy Food in Our Busy Schedule

Eating healthy is the priority of life. Civilizations, technologies, and transportation have been revamped for ages to provide healthier and cleaner food to humans. Today, when breathing pure air is also out of our control, we can only control healthy food and water.

However, the pace of life stops us from making even this small change. But escaping this can be life-threatening, and that is why it is essential to include healthy food in the diet.

13 Ways to Include Healthy Food in Our Busy Schedule

1. Substitute ready-to-eat meals with easy recipes

Packaged food with golden words like ‘healthy and tasty’ and ‘no preservative’ can lure anyone to make them their staple diet. But the sooner you realize the truth of these words, the better it is. None of the ready-to-eat meals are safe; in fact, they have lapda of chemicals that make them stay up to date even when you eat them after months. It’s good to substitute them with easy recipes like oats, poha, or porridge.

2. Keep fruits and dry fruits handy

Sometimes you do not get time to even think about breakfast or lunch. For these unforeseen days keep dry fruits. The tiny pieces of cashews and pistas have enough nutrients to fulfill your body’s needs for several hours. Though they should not be made a habit, it can be a good way to avoid unhealthy food like candies or chocolates when hungry.

3. Smoothies are the best way to start the day

Smoothies are the easiest and purest source of protein intake on the go. Banana smoothies are easy to make, and anyone with no time in the morning can prepare this easy recipe to fulfill their daily needs. This simple glass of milk and bananas with a little sugar can activate you throughout the day.

4. Eat less but eat well

Eating at a proper time is a luxury for many working people. One cannot think of waiting for the clock to strike at the correct eating time. You have to find time for eating. Hence it is advised to advise less but good because the body is made to function in a certain way during a given time, and if you eat a heavy meal when the body wants to relax, you will surely not be able to digest the food. Therefore, eat less but eat healthy to maintain the flow of the digestive system.

5. Do not eat anything that your grandma would not recognize

This is the tip to stay away from unhealthy food. Imagine bringing a donut or a taco for your grandma. She might give them a funny name or completely discard it, saying it is nothing but all-purpose flour. She is correct; if you want to survive and keep your body healthy, stay away from food that your Grandma would never recognize.

6. Water is the best detox

No soda, coke, or lemonade can detox the body better than water. Drinking these to detox the body daily can lead to severe malfunctioning of the stomach juices causing long-term health issues. These are small things that are often ignored due to time crunch and lead us to the brink of an unhealthy life. Carrying a simple water bottle can be the solution to all these maladies.

7. Do not get carried away by too little and too much

Being addicted to overeating or avoiding even the necessary diet can be equally harmful. Problems due to overeating have been in a lot of news recently, and rightly so, it tells us about the importance of eating and staying healthy.

8. Don’t skip meals. Substitute it

There is a trend to skip meals to keep the body light and detoxified. However, if you are a working person or someone spending energy on mental or physical work, this can be your biggest mistake. Therefore, instead of skipping meals, substitute it with lighter food, for example, substituting a heavy meal of the day with a leafy salad.

9. Junk food should never be the option

Junk food should never be an alternative to your meal. Try to avoid junk as much as possible. Because this only accumulates into toxins. There are easier options to fill the stomach, like coconut water, fresh fruit, or dry fruits.

10. Invest in nutritious ready to eat food items

There are a few superfoods that most of us are unaware of. Food items like peanuts, honey, and peanut butter are a whole gamut of nutrients but are often used to complement other things. However, honey alone can give you an immense amount of energy. Keep peanuts with you, and you won’t find the need to eat anything else. These are a few ways to invest in nutritious food on which you do not need to spend much of your time and effort.

11. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

This is the one-stop option to stay away from diseases and add health benefits to your life. Apple is loaded with multiple nutrients, and this saying has a lot of truth in it because of which we should consider eating apples every day.

12. Eggs for vitamins and protein

If you want a healthy and easy way to get vitamins and protein, eggs might become your best friend. It has many nutrients and is easy to include in your diet. There are various ways to have eggs in your diet; you can choose whichever way you like

13. Bananas are another great option

Calcium deficiency is becoming dominant in our generation. It can be taken as a great supplement to tackle this banana in its original form. It is rich in calcium and fibers important for the growth of your body and also an easy option to include in the diet.

Eating healthy is not rocket science but a conscious habit that one needs to inculcate slowly and gradually. It is a necessity of life, just like breathing and drinking water. It’s rightly said that if you do not spend enough time in good health, you have to spend time in making your health good. The ways above can be your start to an easily accessible healthy life.

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