Food and Nutrition14 Food Combinations that will give more Benefits when Eaten together

14 Food Combinations that will give more Benefits when Eaten together

Eating proper quality and quantity of food is the major benchmark of a healthy lifestyle. However, to include everything in the diet people tend to eat the wrong food combinations. And to eat at every time they even miss out on the healthiest food combinations.

Here are a few food combinations that will give more benefits when consumed together

1. Green tea and lemon

Green tea and lemon both have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It reduces inflammation, improves cholesterol, and controls the body’s hormones by also keeping the immunity strong. Research proves its effectiveness increases by consuming it together.

2. Broccoli and tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants while broccoli have sulforaphane which is a phytonutrient essential for the body. These nutrients help treat and prevent various types of cancer. Its efficacy and benefits are doubled when eaten together.

3. Dal and rice

Dal and rice is the most simple and nutritious combination that one can ever have on their plate. It is one of the cheapest sources of protein fibers and carbohydrates and hence is a great combination when eaten together.

4. Beans or chickpeas with rice

Beans and chickpeas are rich in proteins which makes them good complements of rice. Starchy rice is easily digested and is best when paired with beans and chickpeas.

5. Turmeric and pepper

Turmeric is an elixir spice. It has unbelievable benefits in terms of being anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. Researchers prove that black pepper not only makes turmeric more easily accessible to the body’s needs but also enhances the taste of any item that contains the two.

6. Bananas and milk

Bananas are rich in water-soluble vitamins. Eating them with milk helps in better absorption of vitamins and minerals present in them. The taste of the two together is another characteristic that attracts people to eat them together.

7. Egg and cheese

Eggs and cheese are both rich in protein. It is a great food combination, especially for those who are into building muscles. The protein component of the two enhances its taste when eaten together. However, since they are a highly rich source of proteins, one should be cautious while eating them.

8. Vitamin D and calcium

Both these compounds are important for the bones. Calcium benefits in supporting the bone and teeth structure while vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and the growth of bones. This is why consuming food rich in vitamin D and calcium together is beneficial.

9. Green leafy salads and olive oil

Salad is one of the top food items on the list of healthy foods. However, to make it more delicious and improve its nutrient constituent one can add salad dressings. Olive oil is preferred and goes well with green salads because it is an unsaturated fat and contains amounts of Vitamin E and K along with beneficial fatty acids.

10. Salad and cooked eggs

Eating fats with vegetables has been a matter of study for a long time. New research in this direction shows the benefits of eating eggs with salad. Eggs help in better nutrient absorption from vegetables and work well combined.

11. Avocados and spinach

Research has shown an increase in nutrient absorption by pairing avocados with spinach. It is observed that the nutrient absorption in greens like spinach increases by 400% or more when paired with avocados.

12. Banana and almond butter

Bananas are a rich source of healthy vitamins, potassium, and antioxidants and when paired with almond butter they give extra fiber, vitamins, healthy fats, and protein making this combination a healthy and tasty energy booster.

13. Tomatoes and olive oil

The tangy tomatoes are a rich source of antioxidant, lycopene. It is beneficial in preventing various types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. However, the body finds it difficult to absorb this compound, and olive oil has proven to be effective in its absorption. When paired with olive oil, tomatoes not only taste a thousand times better but their nutrients are also absorbed better.

14. Cottage cheese and spinach

Cottage cheese is rich in protein and is a milk compound making it difficult to digest. Spinach on the other hand is a rich source of iron and fibers and is easier to digest. This combination is not just good in taste but also gives complete nutrition to the body.

The list of healthy food combinations can go endlessly. However, this list consists of food that is easily available and can be paired using simple recipes at home. Trying them will surely enrich your diet and make your food combinations healthier.

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