Health and Wellness17 Fabulous Food for Healthier Hair 

17 Fabulous Food for Healthier Hair 

Most of us want healthier hair but we have to know that the type and texture of our hair and how healthy it is depends a lot on age, genetics, overall health, medications, diet, etc. Even though we can’t control most of it, we can consider what we eat and what kind of food covers our diet. 

Let’s look at 17 Food for Healthier Hair

1. Eggs


Lack of protein can lead to hair loss. Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, both of which are absolutely necessary for hair health and help our hair stay strong and healthy. 

2. Berries


Antioxidants can help protect hair from damage and harm. Berries are loaded with vitamins, especially Vitamin C, which has a significant amount of antioxidant properties.

3. Spinach


Spinach can be a great green vegetable for hair growth as it contains folate, iron, vitamins A & C, and nutrients that are essential for hair health. 

4. Fatty Fish


Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to hair growth in several studies and fatty Fish like Salmon, Herring, etc. are a great source for that. 

5. Sweet Potatoes


A limited amount of Vitamin A can be beneficial for hair growth. Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, a compound that is converted to vitamin A by our bodies. 

6. Avocados


Avocados are healthy, nutritious, and a great source of healthy fats along with Vitamin E, which may contribute to improved hair health. 

7. Nuts


Nuts are not only a delicious and convenient snack but they also contain Vitamin E, B Vitamins, Zinc, and essential fatty acids, all of which are linked to hair health. 

8. Seeds


Seeds, again, contain important nutrients for hair growth like Vitamin E, Zinc, and Selenium. 

9. Beans


Beans are a great plant-based source of protein and contain zinc which helps hair growth and takes part in the repair cycle of hair. 

10. Meat


Meat is a must in a lot of people’s diets and the protein in meat aids hair growth and repairs and strengthens the hair follicles. 

11. Oatmeal


This may seem like an unusual fit for this but oats are rich in fiber, zinc, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids, making it a perfect meal for healthy hair

12. Guavas


Guavas are packed with Vitamin C, and this nutrient has been studied to be a really helpful one for hair growth. 

13. Lentils


Lentils are high in folic acid which helps the production of red blood cells in our body. As red blood cells carry oxygen to our organs, lentils can help the health of our scalp. 

14. Barley


Since Vitamin E is linked with healthy hair, it’s necessary to add food to your diet that’s high in this ingredient. Barley is high in Vitamin E. 

15. Carrots


Beta-carotene protects against dull, dry hair and improves the production of sebum in the scalp after being converted to Vitamin A, leaving us with healthy and shiny hair.

16. Tangerines


Tangerines and other citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and can really help the health of our hair. 

17. Seafood


The deficiency of zinc has been related to hair fall and hair thinning. Oysters are rich in zinc and having these as a part of your Diet can significantly balance the amount of zinc in your body. In addition, the Vitamin B12 in clams can be effective for hair growth. 

We can conclude with the fact that what we eat does play a significant role in how healthy our hair is. As long as we consume food that is rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E, Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins, Biotin, Protein, and essential fatty acids, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to having glamorous hair.

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