Health and Wellness17 Ways to Make Your Indoor and Outdoor Atmosphere Pollution free

17 Ways to Make Your Indoor and Outdoor Atmosphere Pollution free

Pollution is hard to escape. We have to live with it and bear the brunt of it. This reality can not be changed but what can be changed is the way we tackle and reduce its harmful effects on us. Fighting the harmful impact of pollution is necessary as it not only subdues us outside but also discreetly in our homes as well.

17 Ways to Make Your Indoor and Outdoor Atmosphere Pollution free

1. Minimize the use of diesel and petrol vehicles

Vehicles have no doubt become the most common source of pollution, but if we keep a close watch on the use of vehicles we can reduce the effect of pollution caused by cars and bikes. This is one prominent method to reduce air pollution outside your home.

2. Plant trees in the garden

Invest your time in planting trees in your garden or any other garden or park near you. Trees are the best absorber of dust and carbon dioxide, the more trees are present in the surroundings the lesser will be the effect of pollution. This method may also make you more interested in gardening and planting and also benefit everyone.

3. Invest in green modes of travel

Time and effort have made the availability of green modes of vehicles more accessible. Everyone can access electronic buses and e-rickshaws and these options can be used to substitute the use of petrol vehicles for travelling shorter distances.

4. The 4Rs

Along with reducing, reusing and recycling refusing has become a new addition to the Rs. While all the 4 Rs are equally important, refusing has much more relevance in the contemporary world owing to the commercial nature of everything around us. It’s good to refuse and say no to things that are of no use to you.

5. Stay aware

Being aware will help you to refuse what is not needed and invest in better products and services. Being aware is the key to knowing that pollution is harmful and is also a trigger to work in the direction of eliminating its harmful effects.

6. Dispose waste mindfully

Disposing waste mindfully can change your outdoor environment to a large extent. If you know the basics of disposing waste you can save the environment by following the method of composting biodegradable waste and reusing plastics and other metallic waste items.

7. Use sustainable and biodegradable cutleries when eating outside

Governments throughout the world have started investing in sustainable and biodegradable products, we can contribute to this step by using cutleries made from paper and organic material instead of plastics.

8. Follow a minimal lifestyle

The concept of a minimal lifestyle is often misinterpreted. The idea is to not indulge in useless things avoid falling into the trap of consumerism and not stop buying anything and everything.

9. Invest in good air purifiers

Although this step is more curative than preventive, it can and should be used if you are staying in metro cities and are facing problems of heavy pollution. This will definitely ensure that the air inside the house is pure and free from toxins.

10. Keep good ventilation inside the rooms

A properly ventilated and airy room can change the energy instantly. It’s good to have large windows that allow fresh air to enter into the home, one can also keep plants on the window shelf and make the rooms more aesthetic and fresh.

11. Let the sunlight light your indoors

This is the least yet most effective thing that you can do to keep a pure indoor environment. Let the sunlight enter your room, this not only clears the moisture and humidity inside the room but also removes all the germs and bacteria along with bad smells and gloominess.

12. Plant trees near the window and let fresh air come in

Planting trees outside the window is beneficial in all ways but if that is not possible you can also plant refreshing green plants on the window shelves and enjoy their freshness.

13. Use essential oils

This is important as an alternative to room fresheners, although you do not need them if your rooms are well ventilated it is always a good idea to enhance the energy inside the room, essential oils are soothing ways to do this.

14. Avoid room fresheners and artificial cleaners

Room fresheners and floor cleansers contain VOCs and other harmful compounds that are more harmful to the health than toxins outside the house, these are often the reasons why researchers say that the air inside the house is more toxic than the outside. Hence, it is always advised to avoid these.

15. Keep your home clean

Cleaning is the first step to keeping a healthy indoor atmosphere. If the house is clean there will always be a lesser chance of toxins and germs finding any place to breed.

16. Keep changing AC filters

AC filters should be changed regularly so that the compounds inside them do not create any harmful effects on your family. It also gets clogged with toxins present in the room and therefore should be cleaned regularly.

17. Invest in indoor plants

This is one of the most beautiful ways to keep the atmosphere inside the house clean, indoor plants not only add beauty but also good energy and a d pure atmosphere inside the house.

A healthier outdoor and indoor environment is significant as it is the first step in feeling energetic and happy in any place you are. The steps followed above can help you achieve this goal and make your life much easier and happier.

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