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15 Ways to Prevent the Impact of Toxicity and Pollution on the Body

Pollution and toxicity in the environment affect the body at all levels, but due to less knowledge about these effects, we are neither able to feel them nor protect ourselves against them. However, considering the long-term impacts of these materials it is important to understand their role and prevent the effects.

15 Ways to Prevent the Impact of Toxicity and Pollution on the Body

1. Cover yourself when going out

Covering your body with a cloth or using an umbrella while going out is essential because the sun rays are too harsh to be protected by any sunscreen or Other protectants. A layer of clothing is important to protect against harmful pollutants from vehicles and industries that are widely spread in the atmosphere.

2. Avoid VOC containing sprays

VOCs or volatile organic compounds are widely used in indoor fragrant sprays and repellents. These are incredibly harmful to the lungs and can even lead to lung-related cancers. These compounds when inhaled can be deteriorating for kids’ health and should be avoided inside the house.

3. Plant green plants inside the house

Planting green plants helps in filtering air. Just like forests act as lungs of the planet, plants inside the house act as lungs for the house and filter toxicity and pollution.

4. Avoid going out in the sun

It is not possible to stay indoors all the time, but one can avoid going out in the sun if it is not an urgent call. You can also use a closed vehicle to travel. Heat waves are expected to be more lethal in the coming years and as a precaution, we have to take this measure.

5. Take Public transport

Public transport is more energy efficient and it is a general awareness that vehicles are one of the largest emitters of Greenhouse gasses and pollutants which ultimately cause disease and environmental degradation.

6. Avoid burning leaves and woods

Burning all the leaves and rotting plants and fruits of the garden can be extremely disastrous. The smoke will enter the atmosphere and ultimately harm you. Instead, one should compost these leaves and create a manure that can be used to replenish plants.

7. Make a small compost in the house

As already suggested making a compost can be helpful in not just cutting down the biodegradable waste but also preventing the waste from becoming toxic and causing pollution.

8. Avoid plastics

Plastics have become an essential part of our lives. But time and again it has been reiterated that they are causing immense irreversible damage. To stop this one can find better alternatives to plastic goods.

9. Do not eat or drink in a plastic container

Using plastics has harm. First, it creates nonbiodegradable waste and secondly, it has direct harm to the health. It turns the vegetables and drinks toxic when stored in them. These when consumed can cause various types of hormone imbalances in the body.

10. Avoid plastic bags

Plastic bags are the most dangerous of all plastic items, the biggest reason being their availability and cheapness. Though, indeed, they do not have a direct alternative to save ourselves and the planet we can find better alternatives and stop using these.

11. Use energy efficient appliances

The planet is a connected web. All biotic and abiotic components are linked with each other and so is the energy consumption with our health. The more energy we waste it will cause a scarcity of resources as most of it will be used in making the electricity available to us.

12. Switch to electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are a better alternative to conventional vehicles as they do not cause harmful emissions and are run on rechargeable batteries. It can cut down harmful gasses from the atmosphere and reduce the toxicity.

13. Wearing A mask

Though temporary wearing a mask can save you from the harmful air outdoors. It acts as a small filter and prevents pollutants from directly entering the body.

14. Maintaining a healthy diet

Above all, the most important way to prevent the harmful impacts of toxicity and pollution is by maintaining a healthy diet as it keeps the body strong.

15. A healthy immune system

Keeping the immune system healthy is the need of the hour considering the accessibility and nearness to viral diseases. One should add vitamin C-rich foods and fruits to the diet and keep the immunity strong.

For being healthy we need to know the harms caused by pollutants and toxins and ways to prevent their impact on us. Additionally, we need to take preventive measures to stop the emissions of these elements in the environment.

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