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12 Ways to Switch to Minimal Skin and Makeup Routine

Advertisements, marketing, and the stereotype of beauty are taking a toll on the mind and purses of consumers. It’s hard to find out the difference between what is real and what is fake. The lines between actual need and what is perceived as the need are blurred in the race to look the best.

To make some realistic choices and follow a minimal yet satisfied skin and makeup routine the following ways can be helpful.

12 Ways to Switch to Minimal Skin and Makeup Routine

1. Reduce the number of products

The first and most important step in the journey of a minimal skin and makeup routine is to limit the number of products. Both different types of products and the same product from different brands. This prevents the skin from being loaded with harmful artificial substances and hence being more of what it truly is.

2. Try using neutral products

This step is a little complicated to comprehend but it’s easier when you realise it. Our skin naturally has all that it needs to replenish, rebuild, and rejuvenate itself, there is rarely any need to add those nutrients externally. But the pollution and toxicity in the atmosphere is the reason why we need to protect the skin. Therefore It’s better to use a protective layer on the skin that does not have any other externally added vitamins or minerals because the cells in the skin do not require them.

3. Read the ingredient list carefully

This step works better together with the one above it. When you know the ingredients used in the product you know what the skin needs and what it does not. Additionally, it is also significant as more often there are harmful chemicals than beneficial substances. Parabens, sulfates, and fragrant chemicals are some of the most encountered ones.

4. Know the difference

It’s hard to choose the best product for our skin and the reason behind it is the mushrooming of several brands in the market. Most of them have the same compositions but beautiful packaging, aromatic fragrances, and discounts lure us to one brand more than another. Hence, being aware of the differences and the similarities in the brands will help you be decisive and not get confused resulting in the purchase of all of them.

5. Head into the kitchen when you don’t have any idea

You might have seen celebrities sharing their favorite home recipe for brighter and glowing skin. This clearly shows the trend of the revival of homemade skin care recipes and solutions. When you do not know what to use and how to use it, you can simply find good ingredients in the kitchen like turmeric, ice cubes, curry leaves, potato peels, and several other things on the list.

6. Importance of organic oils

This is another revival that is getting the limelight recently. Oils have been precious possessions in Indian tradition and today worldwide organic oils are becoming staples in skin and makeup routines. Coconut oil has found its place in almost every cosmetic item. The benefits of oils are infinite, one oil can be a solution to all problems from head to toe. Using organic oils can be the perfect start to a minimal skin and make-up routine.

7. Less time, less product, more efficiency

Getting overwhelmed with skin care products is a common mistake. It is better to stay mindful of the way you take care of your skin, do not spend hours on it trying to get the stereotypical glass skin. Lesser time and fewer products will always reap its benefits.

8. Is everything needed?

Social media is flooded with content showing 9-step, and 10-step skin care routines. But the question of is everything needed must strike us, and the sooner it does the better it is, because everything is not necessary. The skin as mentioned before already has what it needs.

9. Do not over layer makeup

In the race to get flawless makeup, people often try to hide even their minute spots, sometimes even those that make one beautiful. Embracing your imperfections and not overdoing makeup would help you feel more confident, look less cakey, and reflect your real personality.

10. Eat healthy

Once you are over with all your makeup and skincare you will realize the importance of healthy food habits. Food has the power to release toxins from your body and make it glow from within. The best substitute for a highlighter or a brightening face serum can be carrots and beetroots.

11. Drink lots of water

This step cannot be more emphasized, water in all three forms is an elixir for the skin. Ice cubes treat wrinkles, lines, dullness, and dark circles and are the perfect primer for your makeup. Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water every day is the best detox one can give to the body.

12. Exercise regularly

Lastly, exercising continuously is the cure for all maladies. The instant glow on the skin after exercise can spare you from wasting money on any product for your skin.

It’s necessary to look presentable and beautiful, but beauty is much more than layering yourself with hundreds of products. Giving time to your skin and body is the actual way to enhance the texture and glow of the skin. A healthy mind and mindful expenditure are all that the skin needs.

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