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18 Ways To Declutter Your Mind

In real life, too much clutter is a sign that one might not have a firm grip on their life. This is pretty accurate when it comes to our mind as well, if we feel like our mind is way too cluttered, it signals that we might need to sort things out at this point.

Let’s look at the ways to declutter your mind

1. Focus on Breathing

ways to declutter your mind
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If we find our mind endlessly running, we can try to pause and focus on our breathing, bringing all our attention to the movements as we take in and exhale the air. It helps to refocus and declutter. 

2. Learn Meditation

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Meditating helps our body to connect with the mind, it is one of the best ways to reframe our thoughts and get a fresh perspective. It is an amazing way to give a break to our mind and declutter it. 

3. Reframe Negative Thoughts

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Negative thoughts might be one of the top reasons why our mind gets cluttered and crowded. It is important to redirect our negative thoughts into something that serves us. We have to remember, that there’s always good even in the bad, we just have to find it. 

4. Identify your Morals and Values

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Identify your morals and values, and figure out what is right for you, it helps clear any doubts and fears that you might have.

5. Teach your Mind New Tricks

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Well, we can do a little favor to our mind by getting it out of boredom. It might be a good way to declutter our minds. We can use new ways to trick our minds into getting out of old thought patterns. 

6. Clarify your Priorities

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We cannot spend entire days caught up in thinking endless unnecessary things. We should set our priorities straight while being a little practical about sorting out our thoughts. 

7. Be More Present

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We often find ourselves distressed about the past or anxious about the future. These are states that we cannot control and we should let go of what we cannot control. Being mindful and present is the best way to declutter our mind, as we only focus on the now and nothing else. 

8. Simplify your Chores

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We often complicate activities in our minds and take on pressure that is not necessary. Tasks can be pretty simple if we believe them to be. Instead of getting anxious, if we follow certain ways to get things done, our minds might stay clutter-free. 

9. Practice Gratitude

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Our mind gets cluttered at times when we focus way too much on negative events. It’s essential to practice gratitude and focus on things that make us feel grateful. Apps like “Presently” can help practice gratitude every day

10. Use Affirmations

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Using positive affirmations is so important, not just to organize our mind, but in general. We attract our reality, if we create a positive mindset using positive affirmations, it’ll help us stay calm throughout the day. 

11. Spend Time in Nature

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We’re the beings of nature, there isn’t anything that Mother Nature cannot solve. Whenever we feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, we can always go out for a walk in the park and witness the difference. Nature makes us feel calm and peaceful. 

12. Clean your Space

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If we work in messy set-ups, it can make our mind feel overwhelmed and cluttered. If we’re trying to be productive, it is actually beneficial to first clean the space where we’re working. That way, our space will be organized and we will be able to think clearly. 

13. Get Enough Sleep

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It’s essential to get enough sleep every single day, otherwise, it can indeed make us feel lousy and tired all day, snatching our ability to think clearly. 

14. Keep a Journal

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If we find ourselves indulging in repetitive thoughts or feeling overwhelmed in general, it’s better to write down what’s burdening us and express everything that is weighing our minds down. Keeping a journal can always come in handy as we can keep track of what’s cluttering our minds and how we can sort things out. 

15. Spend Time on Hobbies

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Spending time on hobbies is no less than therapy. Reading a page of your favorite book or even listening to some calm music can greatly help declutter our minds. 

16. Learn to Let Go

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Well, how many times do we catch ourselves thinking about something that does not serve us anymore? The more we hold onto thoughts that are no longer necessary, the more crowded our minds become. Be it some old grudge, or what could have, it is better to let go and make space for better scopes. 

17. Take Breaks

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The humankind has fallen into the trap of busyness. We take pride in being busy all the time. But it’s essential to take breaks, sit back and relax before moving on to the next task. 

18. Detach

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Our mind often gets cluttered because we’re way too attached to everything that we have to go through. Our mind gets crowded because there is too much going on related to the attachment that we possess. It’s better to detach once in a while and give our minds some space. 

We often have an organized office or clean house but we often forget to declutter the space where we live the most, our mind. It’s essential to organize our thoughts and have a certain amount of control over our minds so that we can choose to live a mentally and physically healthy and happy life.

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