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9 Good Ways to Deal with Negative Thoughts

As humans we spend most of our time in our thoughts. They are either are dissatisfactory events of the past or worries of the future. Having these thoughts are common but they would distract you from enjoying the present moment and also drain all your energy. But, the good part is that we have the ability to control these thoughts. Let’s find out ways to deal with negative thoughts.

Here are 9 ways to deal with Negative Thoughts.

1. Focus on your strengths

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If you find yourself thinking harshly about yourself, take a moment off and think about all the good things you like about yourself. Focus on the strengths and not dwell on all the mistakes you have made earlier. We shouldn’t overlook the positive aspects.

2. Release judgment

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We have a tendency to judge ourselves as well as other people. Comparing ourselves with others’ lives is what makes us feel more dissatisfied. To deal with this is that you need to let go of judgment. A way to do so is when you see yourself negatively judging someone, replace that with a positive judgment. Try to look out for things you like in it.

3. Recognize thought distortions

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Our minds have the ability to convince us of something that’s not true. The inaccurate thoughts cause negative thinking. If you can recognize these negative thoughts you can challenge them as well. These thought patterns often include you assuming the worst possible outcome of any situation, choosing to see the negative side of a scenario, black-and-white thinking, seeing everything as one way or the other, and blaming yourself for anything that goes wrong.

4. Use a thought diary

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The thought diaries can be used as a process to change negative thinking. This diary helps us analyze the negative thinking style and gain more information on how your thoughts cause the emotional reactions.

5. Cope with criticism

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It’s possible that at times people will be judgemental and critical towards you, but what you need to learn is how to cope up with that criticism. You can practice a few assertive responses to criticism. Once you have these statements handled, it would be easy for you to use them in a provoking situation.

6. Replace negative thoughts

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Although it’s one of the toughest things to do, over time rational thinking becomes a part and parcel of your daily routine. You need to ask yourself if the negative thought is realistic or just a made-up scenario in your head. Challenge these negative thoughts and look for alternative explanations. Give the same advice to yourself that you would be giving a friend in the same situation and work on it.

7. Be your own best friend

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Most of the time we talk negatively to ourselves. We need to release that negative energy first. Track when you have negative thoughts. In the end, consider yourself as your own best friend and say things your bff would say to you.

8. Write instead of think

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Write down why these negative thoughts are present. Writing instead of thinking proves to be more effective. Putting your thoughts on paper or and screen is easier and makes more sense to move forward.

9. Make an effort to love, like, and appreciate things

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Instead of fighting negativity, look out for positive things to reach out for. A powerful way to do this is to speak out loud about the things you love and like in your life. It could be any of the smallest things like “I love the way the coffee tastes today”, “I love how comfortable the couch feels” etc.

Negative thoughts can cause depression, social anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem. The way to deal with negative thoughts is to identify how you think now then use strategies to change these thoughts and make them have a less impact on you. Luckily, we can slowly train ourselves on how to use these simple techniques and have a healthy life.

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