Health and Wellness10 Reasons Why Books Are Our Best Friends

10 Reasons Why Books Are Our Best Friends

Reading is among the most fascinating experiences of life. Once you delve into the dreamy pages of a book, there is no return. The involvement and emotional connection with a character, the depth with which you imagine an event becomes so deep-rooted that books become a part of your lives. All of us, at some point in life, have heard that books are our best friends. But how true is this, let us find out.

Here are 10 reasons why books are our best friends.

1. Help us sail through boredom


We often encounter moments where everything seems gloomy and dark, books are our best friends because they help us sail through these situations. All you need to do is to carry your favorite book and delve into its beauty, this will automatically make you forget the boredom and monotony of the moment.

2. Gives wings to imagination


Books give wings to your imagination. You can fly along with the stars and dive into the deepest oceans in books. You can find solutions to the toughest problems and bring dinosaurs back to life. The level of imagination that can be achieved through books is infinite and enthralling.

3. Improves you mentally and emotionally


There are various genres of books. One of them being self improvement books. They help in improving our mental and emotional state. Just the way a good friend can cheer you up and find solutions to your problems, similarly a good book can cheer you up and solve your problems.

4. Helps build confidence


If you ask any confident person about their success in life they will credit books for this achievement. It is indeed true that books make you more confident. The reason being that by reading more you get the confidence to speak better and be more aware, this ultimately increases the confidence to face the world and achieve your goal.

5. Helps in strengthening relations


Sometimes you do not realize your mistakes and harsh words that you speak. But when you read a character doing the same, it hurts and strikes hard, this can help improve relations in real life. By realizing the wrongs you have done you have the scope of correcting it and building stronger bonds with your friends and family.

6. Increases knowledge


Books are our best friends because they increase our knowledge about life and surroundings. The first and the most significant thing you learn from reading is vocabulary. Books improve vocabulary and further improve your pronunciation. If you are reading a particular subject book thoroughly, the knowledge of that particular subject too improves.\

7. Imbibes creativity


Books imbibe creativity not only in your reading and writing skills but also in life and this creativity stays with you. The various lessons we learn from reading a book gives us a perspective of handling a situation in a more articulate way, this quality becomes a way of life and hence makes living more deeper and creative.

8. Books are always there for us


No matter where you are and what you are doing, books will never leave you alone. They are always there for you and with you. Unlike people, they are just your friends and you can carry them anywhere. Be it a mountain top or a seaside. You can read them in the middle of a lonely night or enjoy reading under the basking sun.

9. Do not judge


Books do not judge you. They listen to you and understand you without complaining. You can speak your heart with them without the fear of being looked down upon, this is why they are our best friends.

10. Changes our perspective towards life


Books change our perspective towards life, it makes us aware of more than one alternative to a given situation. It teaches not just the way of looking at a condition but also acting in a better way. Once you start analyzing the books you read, you will be able to analyze a situation better and this is how our best friends once again come to our rescue.

The importance of books cannot be emphasized more. Since ages immemorial books have always helped people to polish their skills and achieve success. Technologies have substituted a lot of time spent on books, but their utility cannot be undermined.

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