Health and Wellness14 Things we learn from Animals around us

14 Things we learn from Animals around us

You learn every day, rise every day, and fall every day. Everything around us teaches us new lessons in life every single moment. It’s we who perceive it sometimes and cannot perceive it other times. Animals just like any other living being have values that we humans often strive to achieve. They tell us so much more than just eating and sleeping.

Let us find out the things we can learn from our animal friends

14 Things we learn from Animals around us

1. Compassion

Animals are so compassionate that they show us love in some extraordinary situations where humans might fail. Dogs and cats save human lives risking their own lives. This quality is often drowned in the ocean of selfishness. We must learn compassion from the animals around us.

2. Care

It’s not just humans who feed animals they see, they too feed their families and help other animals sustain themselves. Some of them are in fact created by nature in a way that they sustain due to each other. The care a cow shows for its baby is no less deep than human moms have for their kids.

3. Faithfulness

Dogs are the first animals that come to our mind when you see the word faithfulness. Dogs are actually one of the most faithful beings on the planet. Other animals too when taught diligently stay faithful. They can be trusted more than anyone else.

4. Believing in oneself

Animals have the immense quality of believing in themself. They do not resist any challenge because of the confidence they have. One can see cats galloping around the house, jumping on the most difficult to reach places. This shows their ability to believe in themself.

5. Respecting

We might bow down and wish everyone when we meet and leave them. But without even bowing and greeting animals are an epitome of respect. They respect each other and humans. This quality can be seen in them and learned effectively.

6. Staying calm

Stress and anxiety make us lose our temper very often. But animals do not do so. Even in the worst of situations they calmly search for alternatives and ways. Wild animals face tough situations every day, sometimes they have no food and sometimes no water but they do not lose hope and calmly tackle the issue.

7. Observing

It is due to their observing skills that wild animals especially tigers and cheetahs are so sharp. Their calm composer makes them alert and observant and they only attack when there is a guarantee of success. This skill is a must to learn from animals.

8. Focus and discipline

Animal and their babies are disciplined and focused. If you see the horse you might have noticed the grace with which it runs. A dog when trained can beat anyone in its punctuality. We must inculcate discipline and focus from animals.

9. Accepting challenges

Challenges come in everyone’s life. We might at times hesitate to take up a challenge but animals do not. Ants are a great example of taking up any challenge and achieving their aim.

10. Being prepared

At first, it might seem that we are all prepared for everything. But when even a single thing goes out of place it shatters our belief. However, living in the wild and untamed nature animals have adapted to stay prepared all the time and we can adopt this quality from them.

11. Stay patient and stable

Just like staying calm and observant animals also have the patience to wait and stay stable. They do not get as stressed or palpatated as we do and stay patient until their goal is achieved. If we learn this from our friends we can tackle a lot of problems in life.

12. Perseverance

Even if they fail animals do not stop trying. They keep coming back to what they want even after repeated failures. We try to learn these aspects from books and talks, but if we keenly observe animals we can easily learn it from them.

13. To not boost one’s capabilities

Elephants are many times the size of human beings and giraffes are taller than we can ever imagine. But they never exploit their capabilities. This is a quality we must possess. To not boost one’s capabilities makes you more resilient and calm towards life.

14. Being fearless

Animals are fearless and fierce. They are not afraid that is the reason behind their confidence and strength. Fear pulls one down hence it is good to learn to be fearless.

Though there might not be a variety of animals around our normal living space. Even the few that exist give us unparalleled lessons of life and when this learning comes our way we must embrace them.

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