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10 Life Lessons Learnt From Last Year

Every year, we ring in the new year with the hope that everything will be different. When you reflect on the past year, you realize that you underwent significant change and faced certain difficulties that you had never faced before. Some of the events were positive; some were harrowing; others left you feeling regretful and despondent. Therefore, something is always to be learned from the previous year as you start a new one. You have learned some of life’s most important lessons from it. Life isn’t always a bed of roses; occasionally, it’s chaotic, and occasionally it’s ideal, but life must go on. Here are some things I’ve learned through living over the past year. Many of you will also be able to relate to the lesson from the previous year.

10 Life Lessons Learnt From Last Year

1. Every day is a learning experience

We gain new knowledge and experiences every day, and as a result, we have to develop bravery and show courage to take on new challenges. Because if you lack the bravery to tackle your obstacles, you will toil and fail to accomplish your goals. Life should not be taken for granted; instead, one should embrace each day as it comes and go on to appreciate how far life has come.

2. Health is real wealth

The experience learned from the pandemic has taught everyone to be very cautious about their health. Many of us have come to realize that there is no other wealth as valuable as wealth. So taking care of and giving health the top priority has been learned by many. The COVID was also like a wake-up call for everyone in this world.

3. Life is always uncertain

There is always uncertainty in life: The old proverb “Man prophesies, God, disposes of ” is quite true. There are numerous uncertainties in life. Last year, life taught me that when you plan something, and it does not work; do not drool over it, always be prepared for the unexpected. Your plans might not always go as planned. So always keep your options open. If Plan A fails, Plan B must be implemented.

4. Learned to fight depression and anxiety

Many people experience cyclical episodes of despair and anxiety during the course of the year. Hearing about other people’s experiences and tales helps you feel less alone as you deal with your own sadness and anxiety because neither of these conditions defines anyone. You can feel anxious and unhappy, but you must overcome them and fight valiantly. That is what was learned through life with the last year’s passing.

5. Be prepared for anything in life

Life is unexpected and fleeting. Therefore, you should always be ready for anything. There are good days and poor days in a given year. Every new year marks a fresh start, so be ready to embrace all the uncertainties in your life as you usher in the new year. Life will provide you with anything at any time, but you must accept it and begin over. Prepare to meet whatever is in front of you with courage and bravery.

6. You are not alone; everyone is going through some trauma

There are many times when you may have felt depressed, lonely, angry, or frustrated. Similarly, there are people out there who may be experiencing similar circumstances, but they may be very skilled at concealing their issues when necessary. As a result, it may not always be the case that people are being rude or snappy with you because they may be going through the hardest times and they are also trying to hold it together as best, they can. As a result, it has helped you learn to regulate your emotions even when things are difficult and to be kind, patient, and tolerant.

7. Acknowledge the people who matter most in your life

There are times when you come to terms with who and what is important in your life. You should care most about those who are close to you. because you can count on them to support you when you need them. Therefore, as time goes on and you gain experience, you have learned to recognize the people who care about your success and want what’s best for you. These people should matter to you rather than the one who only flatters you outwardly but is envious of you.

8. Learned to trust yourself

With the passing of a year, you could see the worst in individuals. You saw individuals change from people you admired and looked up to people you may never talk to or recognize again. It hurts your heart to witness so much deception, lying, manipulation, and horrible behavior from people you care about. But the lesson in all of this is that the only person you can truly trust is yourself, so always follow your instincts, voice, and values and never let yourself down. That doesn’t mean you have to shut everyone out of your life or anything; it simply means that at the end of the day, trust and believe in yourself.

9. Talking less is usually better

When we’re in a group, we tend to get into very serious discussions that might escalate for a variety of reasons. As a result, when you speak and provide alternatives, they are not always received correctly. You may also be in an embarrassing scenario. So the essential lesson learned from the previous years is to adopt the policy of keeping silent when a meaningful discourse occurs. Not to speak until your opinion is sought. Only provide your valued ideas when requested; otherwise, quiet is golden. Quietude is another path to silence because it allows you to meet your true self and achieve joy, serenity, and harmony. So the best lesson learned from the previous year is silence is golden.

10. You have incredible energy

You have amazing energy, and when you are nice to others and spread your positive vibes, you have the power to make someone’s entire day. Every one of those circumstances has resulted in something positive, and it has made you more aware of how vital it is to channel your energy for the benefit of others. When you begin conversing with individuals, especially hardworking service personnel who are having a poor day for various reasons, and you meet their annoyance with compassion, patience, and good, has led you to optimistic energy and see their mood shift. So this is the best lesson learned from the years bygone when you recognize your own power; it is the power one individual can possess.


Every year that has passed has left its mark on you in some way. You’ve learned so many valuable things from it. life’s ups and downs. Every person has experienced their fair share of experiences and situations that have tried them and introduced fear, uncertainty, and doubt into their life. However, there are also pleasant, joyful times. Be ready to go on with the lessons you’ve learned from the past, as they will serve as a road map for you to follow when you’re unable to reach your intended destination, no matter what comes your way you are ready to take everything in your stride.

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