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10 Smart Ways to Deal with Rude People

There are people who are basically the human versions of rainbows and sunshine. Then there are people who are, well, not the sweetest. Now, you can’t let rude people dim your light, can you? So, we’ve come up with some resolutions. 

Here are 10 smart ways to deal with rude people. 

1. Realize the commonality of rudeness

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Something that we need to acknowledge is that rudeness is very common. As heartbreaking as it sounds, more often you’ll come across people who are not the kindest. It’s a common aspect of people’s nature in many cases. So, it’s best to accept the commonality of it first. 

2. Stop the cycle 

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It can be pretty upsetting if you’re met with extreme rudeness. In cases like this, the urge to return the same energy can be irresistible. It’s easy to get into the trap and get into a spiral of rudeness. But we’ll encourage you to be the smart one and stop this cycle of rudeness. 

3. React with kindness 

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As mentioned before, the urge to give rudeness in return can be irresistible, but in cases like this, you have to make the choice to be the clever one and react with kindness instead. We can’t control the way other people behave but we can indeed control how we choose to react. Be kind and polite. It might as well work as a good influence on the rude person. 

4. Call the person out

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Choosing to be kind doesn’t mean that you can’t call out the rude person for their behavior. In fact, sometimes people do need to be called out and corrected. Even though whether they’ll choose to rectify themselves or not is a personal choice of their very own, we can always choose to tell them if their behavior bothers us. It’s important that we stand up for ourselves out of self-respect. 

5. Use humor

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Sometimes, the best way to deal with difficult people is to use humor. If you use humor to deal with someone who’s rude, it might set them off and they might realize that their rudeness is not affecting other people like they had expected and overall, it might drive them to stop how they’re behaving. 

6. Be a good role model 

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As we mentioned quite a few times by now, how other people decide to showcase their personality is not in our hands, but we can choose to be a better person and choose to be kind and thoughtful instead. So, make the choice to be a wonderful role model, treat other people nicely and sweetly, be kind to not just the rude person but also other people in front of them. 

7. Show empathy 

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This is the least you can do for someone who’s being rude. Being the bigger person might not feel good at all times, but we don’t truly know why a person is being rude, maybe the environment in their home is not the safest or most pleasant, maybe they had a rough day at work, maybe they’re going through a heartbreak, we never know. So, it’s best to have some empathy and compassion for them. 

8. Don’t take it personally

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How a person behaves is a reflection of themselves and most of the time doesn’t have anything to do with us. If we can do something about it, then we should, but if rudeness seems to be someone’s characteristic, then we should not care much to be very honest. We can’t take something personally that has nothing to do with us. 

9. Walk away 

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If a person is being unreasonably rude to you out of nowhere, be smart enough to walk away without entertaining their rage even for a split second. 

10. Ask why 

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If you’re truly concerned about why someone is behaving in a certain manner, make sure to ask them. Maybe they just need an outlet to express their feelings. 

We don’t have the power to change people but we can at least know how to deal with people the way they are. We don’t have to change anyone but we can change the we react & keep our days good.

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