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14 Lovely Habits of Self-love for Women

Women are powerful, beautiful & intellectual creatures, but most of them often forget how far they’ve come on their own & that they should acknowledge their own credits. And this is exactly why self-love is important. 

Here are 14 habits of self-love for women. 

1. Putting yourself first

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Women have a tendency to put others first, which indeed is extremely considerate & sweet of them, but it should never cost them their well-being. We need to remember that putting ourselves first is never selfish, it’s the best that we can do for not just ourselves but others around us. We can’t pour from an empty cup. 

2. Stop comparing

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There’s no point comparing ourselves with other women since we all have a unique story of our own. Our very flaws & imperfections make us who we are & we should cherish being ourselves without any sort of silly competition. 

3. Allowing mistakes 

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As mentioned in the last point, our imperfections make us who we are. Keeping that in mind, we must realize that mistakes are alright at times. Mistakes are not only inevitable but also a natural part of life, mistakes help us learn and grow. 

4. Stop worrying about others 

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Women often view themselves from the perspectives of others, but whenever we find an urge to worry about the unnecessary opinions of other people, we should pause & ask ourselves, “does it really matter?”, what others think of you is a perception of their own, it doesn’t have to define you, and you in fact don’t have to associate yourself with it. 

5. Remembering your value 

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Remembering our own value is indeed a form of self-love. Our value is not in our body but in how we decide to look at the world, how much effort we put into becoming a better person for ourselves everyday & how well we look at ourselves. That’s all that matters.

6. Trusting yourself

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This is extremely important when it comes to self-love. Doubts will always kill dreams. It’s necessary to trust ourselves when we’re making decisions. We need to trust our gut, as well as go with the flow. What’s the worst that can happen? It’ll either be a lesson or blessing, that’s it.

7. Processing your fears

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Being fearful at times, just like making mistakes, is a natural part of life. Before we face our fears, we need to acknowledge and accept our fears, it’s absolutely alright to be afraid sometimes. 

8. Feeling fully 

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They say you need to feel in order to heal, and there is not a single way to deny this saying. It’s much needed to feel things entirely. Be it joy or sadness, a happy event or a heartbreak, we need to process everything fully. 

9. Taking and creating opportunities

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Grab every single opportunity that you can, and if you don’t come across one, then make one for yourself. Ten years down the line, you’ll be thanking yourself for taking a step that seemed like a sublime opportunity. 

10. Being kind

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Being kind is essential to life. Being kind to yourself is equally important to being kind to the ones around you, make sure that you’re doing both. Kindness is a source of joy and fulfillment, it can turn bad days into good days. 

11. Seeing beauty in the ordinary

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Life should be treated less as a trip to a certain destination & more as a journey in itself. Happiness is finding joy in the simplest of situations, this indeed is a form of self-love as it leads to feelings of fulfillment & contentment. 

12. Being bold 

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Knowing that you’re just as important as others is extremely important. Join conversations, wear what you like, help a stranger, give compliments with confidence. Being brave enough to be bold & to flaunt yourself is definitely a way of loving yourself. 

13. Letting go of toxic people 

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As discussed before, putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s a form of self-love. So, if you ever find yourself in constant misery because of someone else, make sure to let that person go for your own good. 

14. Owning your life 

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Own your story with a smile, own the good chapters and bad chapters with equal pride. Avoid playing the victim, it’s not really worth it. Remember that you’re powerful enough to handle anything that comes your way & you don’t need to feel victimized in order to acknowledge the ups and downs of life. 

Being a woman is wonderful just as much as it is difficult, and we should cherish ourselves as we make our way through this journey. At the end of the day, we can always count on ourselves, so, it’s necessary to care for the person who’s always there for us, the one we see in our mirrors. 

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