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11 Important Things that can Make or Break a Relationship

A relationship is a big deal, and there are vital moments that can make it or break it when it comes to having long-term relationships. Dealing with tough situations together can say a lot about how compatible the couple is, how deep their chemistry is, and how well they understand each other as companions and teammates. Only efficient teamwork can lead couples through difficult situations.

Here are 11 things that can make or break a relationship. 

1. Teamwork

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Being good at teamwork as a couple is absolutely essential. It tells a lot about compatibility. If there are situations that you two can get through together, then well, that’s an incredible sign of compatibility, but if tough situations draw distance between a couple then things need to be reevaluated. 

2. Anger

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There are moments of overwhelming amounts of emotions, not in just relationships, but in any sort of connection. It either brings two people closer if the person in the wrong takes responsibility, or the previously unknown side of that person drives the other one way. Pay attention to how someone behaves in rage. It talks a lot about them. 

3. Support

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How does your partner behave when it comes to supporting you? Do they take your success as a threat to their ego or do they put their heart and soul into cheering you on? Pay attention to details like this. 

4. Behavior in public

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Your partner may be the most affectionate person to ever set foot on earth, but how does that side of them look in public? How do they treat you infront of their friends or family? Do they make jokes about you that seem off? Do they take your side if someone brings you down? We’re not talking about PDA here, but notice how they portray your relationship in public. 

5. Honesty 

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Honesty is a huge deal, even one little lie can break a decade-long relationship in pieces. Dishonesty can be a deal breaker for numerous people. It’s essential to notice how our partners view honesty. Do they use seemingly white lies to avoid healthy conflicts and important discussions? What’s their definition of cheating? That’s something to look out for. 

6. Communication 

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They say communication is key, and is there even a way to deny that? It indeed is key! If someone knows well how to express their feelings and emotions in healthy ways, that’s an absolute green flag. If someone shuts off every time a conflict arises, it may be a red flag for a lot of people. 

7. Future plans

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As obvious as it sounds, differences in future plans can certainly make or break a relationship. It’s important to know beforehand how aligned your future plans are with your partner’s. Do you both want kids? Do you both plan on working? It’s better to take notes of these things prior to making sure that you both are at a mutual agreement. 

8. Values and principles

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It’s so important to take note of whether a couple’s values and principles are aligned or not. How do these two people view life? Do they support similar concepts? Do they agree on certain things? It’s all part of the concern. 

9. Health 

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How a person takes care of their mental and physical health can be something that makes or breaks a relationship. Taking care of one’s health is a symbol of duty and responsibility, if someone loves and takes care of themselves with stability, it’s a sign that they’ll be responsible partners as well. 

10. Respect 

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Mutual respect is a necessity in a relationship. It’s important to know beforehand whether two people have the same definition of respect, it’s important that those definitions align before these people begin to embark on a journey as partners. 

11. Understanding

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How understanding two people are in a relationship builds the foundation for the longevity of that relationship. It’s important that two people are compatible in terms of how understanding they are towards each other. 

These are a few factors that people should pay attention to before jumping into a connection. Though physical appearance is just as important, it’s the character that decides whether a relationship will be long-term or not. 

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