Inspirational Stories15 Fabulous Tips for Thriving in Your Early Twenties

15 Fabulous Tips for Thriving in Your Early Twenties

That phase, when we go from being a teenager to a responsible adult, can be seemingly difficult, but it’s also a fun & fresh period when we can reevaluate our principles & values, work on ourselves, embark on adventures & just make it a memorable part of life. 

Here are 15 wonderful tips for thriving in your Early twenties! 

1. Acceptance

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The first step to thrive through anything is acceptance. You have to realize that everyone grows up and gets through their twenties. It can seem a little scary at first but it’s something that almost everyone has gone through or will go through at some point. Accepting something that seems difficult can make it a lot easier. 

2. Feeling lucky 

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There was an extremely popular trend going on of the lucky girl syndrome recently that depicted an aspect of the law of attraction. It describes how a person being in the mental state of feeling lucky can attract luck into their life. This is just a bonus point when it comes to thriving not just in your twenties, but any age! 

3. Being responsible


Be a responsible adult, and try your best to take responsibility for yourself and your duties. Show up, be productive, and work for yourself. 

4. Being disciplined 


Discipline makes the journey of life smoother. Well, it’s completely alright to take breaks but a disciplined life can be beneficial for our long-term goals and just a healthy life in general. 

5. Having fun


Just because we’re advising you to be disciplined doesn’t mean that we don’t encourage having some fun! After all, the early twenties are a precious part of life. So go ahead, make some memories, go on that trip with your friends, and try new food!

6. Healing and letting go


It’s easy to fall into the trap of guilt when we reflect on our past. But is it really necessary? Everyone makes mistakes & learns from them. Everyone struggles or has memories that are not the happiest. It’s important to learn to let your past go and work on healing yourself for your good. 

7. Focusing on dreams


Early twenties is the perfect time to focus on your dreams & work on them as much as you can. Take the courses that you need to & work hard for a fruitful and fantastic future of your dreams. 

8. Self-love


Since the early twenties can also come off as a stressful period, remember to be there for yourself, spend time with yourself, and accept yourself. Indulge in self-love and don’t forget that prioritizing yourself is important. 

9. Having good friends


Find your tribe and keep them close. A core group of friends makes life worth cherishing. Love the people that are there for you, spend time with them. Always surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. 

10. Exploring career options 


With the endless energy that you have in your Early twenties, explore career options and discover which one takes you to your highest good. Participate in internships, take courses, etc. 

11. Going out 


Take proper breaks in between working hard, and remember to go out into nature or wherever you like to just breathe and relax for a while. Breaks are a necessity, don’t forget that. 

12. Learning 


There’s no specific age to learn & you should always be open to learning. Never miss a chance to add more wisdom to your collection. Consume good media, read good books, watch good movies, listen to speeches, everything turns out to be useful in life. 

13. Discovering new styles


Maybe you’ve had a signature style of dressing yourself till now and currently, you’re craving for something new. Well, go ahead! Try new styles, take advice from your friends, and never be afraid to rediscover your style. 

14. Taking care of health

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They say health is wealth and that can’t be more true. Since there are tons of responsibilities that we’ll need to take on in the upcoming years, it’s essential to take care of ourselves, and our physical & mental health at all costs. 

15. Working on confidence 

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One of the most important characteristics, not just in our twenties, but in all phases of life is undoubtedly confidence. It enhances our already beautiful personality & makes life easy for us. Be confident & be in your power. You’re you, and that’s your strength. 

Early twenties is not just a difficult time but if taken care of positively, it can be one of the best periods of a lifetime. It’s a beautiful phase that works as a transition period. It’s a time for growth, healing & unlimited joy. 

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