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How To Make It Work The Law of Attraction

Ever heard of the concept that we attract what we think? Is it possible? Can we attract anything that we desire? Let’s look into the basics of the well known philosophy of law of attraction and discover how we can make it come into use in our own reality. 

What is the Law of Attraction? 

The law of attraction is a spiritual philosophy where it’s believed that our positive thoughts attract positive outcomes in our lives and negative thoughts bring negative circumstances, pretty much this concept revolves around the fact that our thoughts do create our reality. 

Ways to Use the Law of Attraction 

Being Grateful

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Gratitude is always the best thing to have in our heart. If we look back and see how far we’ve come, we will find uncountable reasons to be happy and grateful. The more reasons that we find to be happy, the happier life will make us. If we tend to be grateful for everything that we have, we will attract more things to be grateful for. 

Visualizing our Dreams & Goals

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Having certain dreams and goals is great but what’s more important is being consistent and actually holding on to them. Visualizing ourselves into the positions we’d like to see ourselves in is a great way to attract what we desire along with working hard. 

Always Looking at the Positive Sides of a Situation

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Some people will always mention a glass to be half empty, while the optimists look at it as half full. It’s all about how we look at our lives. If we focus on the positive sides, we will end up manifesting more positivity into our lives. 

Learning to Identify Negativity

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It’s essential to look at our thoughts from a neutral perspective and identify correct and incorrect thoughts. Sometimes we hold onto our fears and end up calling them into reality. We have to let negativity and our fears go; we have to identify the thoughts that do not serve us any good, let go of them, and instead, believe in ourselves and our own power and the magic of the universe. 

Using Positive Affirmations

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If we find ourselves distressed, upset and anxious about something, instead of doubting, we need to give ourselves positive affirmations and tell ourselves that it will be alright and it will turn out to be just how we want it to turn out. So we always need to focus on what we do want, not what we do not want. 

Impacts of the Law of Attraction

Spiritual Awakening

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Law of Attraction indeed makes us go through a spiritual awakening. As we start believing in our own power to co-create with the universe, we get closer to our spiritual and mystical side. We start seeing beyond what is known and become united with the universe. 

Having a Better Life

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As the Law of Attraction requires a positive and optimistic mindset along with a positive outlook towards life, it leads to living a life that we truly enjoy. 

Tips to Practice this Law


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Putting down our thoughts on pen and paper is a great way to consciously attract what we truly desire. We can use a gratitude journal to write down what we’re grateful for or write down our goals and dreams, even positive changes that we’d like to see within ourselves. 


the law of attraction
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Meditation is the best way to get connected with ourselves. It’s a great way to detox visualize and get closer to what we would like to attract in our lives. There are millions of guided meditations on YouTube to get help from.

The Bottom Line

Some parts of our lives are indeed beyond our control, but we can always choose our thoughts carefully and make a choice to have a positive outlook toward life while believing in the power of ourselves and the universe around us. 

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