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16 Reasons to be Grateful towards Life

Human life is a sheer blessing, but the 21st century and its ways of keeping us distracted have made us feel that life has no purpose. The moment you realize that the very life in itself is the whole purpose, every moment is filled with thankfulness and gratitude. Among the eternal reasons, here are a few which will make you grateful for life.

Here are 16 reasons to be grateful for life

1. Health

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Health is a precious jewel that most people value when it is gone. Health is your precious possession and it is something you should be thankful for. Bad health gives mental as well as physical pain so if you are healthy, be grateful for it.

2. Employment

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Being employed is a big opportunity. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be employed, therefore one should take it as a blessing and enjoy whatever work they do along with improving themselves at their work.

3. Friends and family

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Losing a family member or a friend is the biggest loss and having them is the biggest blessing. We should be grateful for their presence and wherever we are in whatever part of the world it is important to always stay connected to them.

4. Fresh air and water

Fresh air and water
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Millions of people do not have any supply of water and succumb due to a lack of air to breathe. The very presence of air when you open the doors of your home and can breathe is something you should be grateful for.

5. Clean and organic food

Clean and organic food
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Food free from chemicals and an overload of pesticides is often difficult to find. If you are able to eat organic food from your garden or have clean and pure vegetables to consume you are one of the luckiest human beings on planet Earth and should celebrate it.

6. Time and Leisure

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People in many countries are dying due to burnout, stress, and anxiety due to lack of time and improper sleep is taking a toll on their lives and relations, it is important therefore to take some time for yourself and your family. Practice a hobby or just take a stroll in the garden. This fulfilling activity is a blessing to count on.

7. Technology

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Though technology often makes us addicted and lazy, we cannot forget that it is this technology that saves lives and connects millions of people throughout the globe. Hence, one should be grateful for the technologies around them and use them wisely.

8. Nature

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Natural environment around you can be something many people dream about. It might not be that noticeable in your busy life but if you take a minute to remind yourself about its importance you definitely would be grateful for it.

9. Accessibility

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History testifies that people have lost lives and livelihoods due to lack of accessibility. Today so much is accessible to us and helps us in our daily life that could never have been dreamt of by our ancestors.

10. Medical services

Medical services
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Smallpox and malaria had a record of wiping out entire civilizations. Today so much is available with regard to health and medical facilities that one can even transplant their organs and get a new life. We should be grateful for this miracle of biology.

11. Traveling

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Whenever you are exhausted by everyday life, you can easily take a trip to your favorite place. Isn’t this great? The soothing and relaxing experience of traveling is a blessing and should be revered.

12. Creativity

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Expressing creativity helps you revive yourself and deepen your understanding of everything around you. To follow a hobby and be creative in it also sharpens the brain hence one should be more creative in life and be grateful for it.

13. Education

Pursue Dreams
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It’s rightly said that education is the strongest weapon. We are lucky to be born in an era where education is easily accessible. If you want to learn you will never fall short of resources.

14. Electricity

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It’s hard to imagine a day without electricity forget about your entire life. Electricity has changed the way we live and made lives easier.

15. Values

Be grateful
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Values that we learn from our family and teachers, from our surroundings, and nature are the most important learnings of life. It’s necessary to hold on to them and conform your actions according to them. Values might change your life for good, hence it is something to be grateful for.

16. Body and organs

Meditate and unwind
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We never really think about our bodies and different organs. But it is only when we realize how important they are can they be used more efficiently. To be grateful for them means we take proper care of our body and feed it with positive food and take proper care.

Gratefulness should be an inseparable component of life and we should practice it as a habit. This ensures that whatever comes in life is valued and enjoyed to the fullest.

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