Health and Wellness14 Reasons Why We Need Music In Our Life

14 Reasons Why We Need Music In Our Life

Be it a new relationship or a heartbreak, the joy of an occasion or just a long drive, music is always accompanying us from our best to our worst. What’s so magical and majestic about these uniformed melodies? Well, we will find that out today! 

Let’s look at the 14 reasons why we need music in our life! 

1. Good for our heart

Reasons Why We Need Music In Our Life
Source: healthharvard

As years have passed by, research has found that music can be a great deal for our heart. It can really help heart rate and blood pressure levels get back to their normal range after exercise. Music can also help with soothing anxiety attacks in patients with heart troubles. 

2. Reduces stress

Source: applyboard

As we can already tell, music can work wonders as a stress reliever. Be it putting on our favorite study music while we prepare for our exams or just listening to our favorite beats and bands while we drive our way through a rough week; music is awesome when it comes to getting stress levels down. 

3. Soothes depression

Source: healthline

Music is extremely therapeutic when it comes to depression. It can really help one get into a light and uplifting mood. It also reduces anxiety and helps take care of one’s overall mental health. 

4. Eases pain

Source: oncologynurseadvisor

Studies show that music actually helps lower pain intensity levels. In fact, it has helped children during numerous dental and medical procedures. 

5. Helps with workouts

Source: fitnessnation

This one is already known to all of us, and that’s exactly why most gyms have an amazing music system installed. Music helps us perform better when it comes to workouts, keeping us motivated and super pumped to go on. 

6. Decreases fatigue

Source: psychologies

According to scientists, music has been seen to improve the performance of physical tasks, such as exercise. To be more specific, according to researchers at Brunel University London, the part of the brain that suppresses fatigue is activated by intense auditory stimuli. 

7. Helps with better sleep

Source: laptrinhx

Soothing music can really help you doze off and have a good night’s sleep. There is a variety of music that can be found on platforms like YouTube to help you sleep better! 

8. Helps eat less

Source: drweil

Science backs up the fact that soft, relaxed music can help us feel chilled out and take our time to eat, thus helping us eat less and feel full faster. 

9. Strengthens learning and memory

Source: arkartech

As we know by now, music stimulates certain parts of the brain. Music, especially classical music, has been shown to aid memory in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Music has also been seen to strengthen memory and learning skills in general. 

10. Can relax patients

Source: bbc

Music helps soothe patients in general and patients right after surgery. They can choose the kind of music that helps them feel relaxed while the melodies work wonders. 

11. Increases verbal intelligence

Source: nationalgeographic

Music can be a great tool to improve verbal intelligence. It helps the brain to strengthen the skills to deal with complex auditory input and even makes learning a second language easier that way. 

12. Increases happiness

Source: hbr

This is not something that needs to be explained, we all know the contribution of music when it comes to happiness. Certain upbeat and soothing music can always put us in an uplifted and light mood. 

13. A form of therapy

Source: berklee

We’ve all heard at some point in our lives that music can be a great form of therapy, well, guess what? It is a fact backed up with evidence. Music is a treatment that helps with several disorders including cardiac conditions, depression, autism, substance abuse, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

14. A form of motivation

Source: recipes

Music is an awesome form of motivation and can help better our mindset and make us feel more pumped while we’re performing a certain task. 

Music may be considered pure entertainment but as we can see, it is beneficial for our mental and physical health. Music is and should be a necessary part of our life and we should remember how much it contributes to our happy health.

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