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12 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

We’ve all heard of the term “soulmate,” but what about a “twin flame”? These two concepts might seem similar but there is certainly a significant difference. Twin flames are one soul separated into two, thus, representing mirror souls. 

We all know how every relationship that we acquire in life has something significant to teach us, perhaps a lesson that makes us a better human; the twin flame journey teaches us the most of all. If a person is fortunate enough to meet their twin flame, that is considered the most powerful soul encounter that a human can experience. 

The twin flame journey is often extremely challenging, tumultuous, and painful at times. Twin flames might have to go through numerous separations in a lifetime and have to cross several hurdles to be ultimately united. It might not even work at times. But these relationships are also extremely healing and bring the most joy and happiness. 

Situations get easier if we’re able to recognize who our twin flame is and how we should navigate the relationship with them. With the advice of experts, we will look into those signs today. 

Here are 12 signs you’ve found your twin flame

1. Instant recognition

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Twin flames would likely give us a sense of instant recognition as if we’ve met somewhere before. They also give a sense of familiarity, making us feel at “home.” 

2. Similarities and differences

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Even with a significant amount of differences, a twin flame would feel extremely similar to us, even in a physical sense. Twin flames have been seen to share physical similarities, along with similarities in nature. 

3. Complementing personalities

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Twin flames are just like Yin and Yang, the differences that they share complement each other, making them two halves of a whole, making them fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces. Made for each other. 

4. Elimination of insecurities and doubts

signs you've found your soulmate
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A twin flame connection is a very supportive one and will help you work through your insecurities and doubts, making you the most confident version of yourself. 

5. Magnetic attraction

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A twin flame connection is rich with magnetic attraction. From the day you meet them, you’ll feel this extreme magnetic connection that will keep drawing you to them, physically and telepathically. 

6. Intense connection

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Adding to the last point, we can say that twin flames share an astonishingly deep connection with each other that makes them feel inseparable, even when they’re apart. 

7. Constant patch-ups

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Twin flames, even if they’re separated, keep coming back together, even days, months, or years later. It’ll almost feel like the Universe is continuously trying to bring you back together, no matter how much of a run and chase there is. 

8. Divinity

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You’ll always feel that there is something extremely divine and pure about your connection, something inexplicable and wonderful that cannot be put into words. 

9. Psychic feelings and telepathy

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You’ll feel as if you’re telepathically connected with this soul, having empathetic feelings connected to theirs. You’ll have strong intuition when it comes to this person. 

10. Betterment

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Twin flames always push each other to be better, wiser, and stronger versions of themselves. 

11. Challenges

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This connection, as we’ve mentioned quite a few times before, is not a smooth ride. A twin flame would trigger you as they’re your mirror soul. They will constantly confront you and bring up the sides that you do not like about yourself and challenge you to become a better version of yourself. It helps with major growth in both of you. 

12. Importance

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From the day you meet them, or even before that, or even when you might be in separation, your intuition will keep telling you that this person has a major and very important role to play in your life. 

Everyone likely has a twin flame but everyone might not have the capacity to connect with them in this lifetime. It is an extremely intense and challenging connection and occurs only at the time when we’re ready and completely prepared to undergo a strong spiritual awakening. It leaves us with incomparable wisdom and experience.

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