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10 Amazing Signs of Telepathic Connections

Even though we don’t give much thought to telepathy, we know that there resides something very intriguing about it indeed. Your sibling might start singing the song that was just in your head, or you might receive it from the friend whom you were just going to call. Are there ways to find out whether we’re telepathically connected to someone? 

Here are 10 Signs of Telepathic Connections

1. You feel their emotions intensely

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Have you ever felt like you feel someone’s emotions intensely? For example, let’s say someone you closely know is going through a rough phase, do you feel their turbulent emotions within yourself? Well, that might be a sign right there! 

2. You’re comfortable sitting in silence with this person 

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Silence can be awkward in general. We don’t usually see ourselves sitting in silence with the people around us. But when it comes to people we’re telepathically connected with, it’s never a problem! We can easily sit in silence with these people and still feel content and happy. 

3. You already know what they might say 

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Yes, this one is a huge sign. Whenever you two might speak, you might hear your intuition laying down the exact words in front of you before the other person even says it! You find yourself anticipating the dialogues of the other person.

4. You might know what the other person is thinking 

You might know what the other person is thinking 
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As mentioned in the intro, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where our sibling starts singing the exact song that’s going on in our head, or the person that you’ve been thinking of texting, might text you out of the blue. These are very common situations and usually occur because of telepathic connections that we have with others around us.

5. The other person senses what you’re going through 

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Does it ever happen that you’re bothered with something and suddenly someone texts you to check on you? Well, that’s telepathy. Usually the people who are connected to us can already sense it if we’re going through something.

6. You have great chemistry

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Another sign of a telepathic connection is that you two will have an inexplicable chemistry. To be more precise, your connection won’t take much effort, it’ll flow in its manner without requiring much hard work. 

7. You see them in dreams 

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Dreams do have a psychological and scientific base. However, if a person constantly shows up in your dreams, that might be a way for them to telepathically communicate, and that might also indicate something that they’re trying to tell you. 

8. You can feel it right before they contact you 

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Have you ever felt like someone is about to contact you or call you and they have right then? That’s a big sign of telepathy. Sometimes, we might be expecting a call from someone and without any presumptions, you just get their call! Yes, that’s exactly how it works! 

9. You understand their body language easily 

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Yes, you understand their body language better than anyone. And they might feel more comfortable with you than other people! If that’s the case, then definitely that’s a huge sign of telepathy! 

10. You think about each other a lot 

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Yes, and when I say a lot, it’s indeed a lot. You two might feel what the other one is feeling or can even intuitively tell if something is supposed to happen to the other person. You just always have this gut feeling about each other. 

This world is a mystical and magical planet, with tons of events that don’t follow the boundaries of logic and science. So, instead of being bitter about it, we might as well just take these events as intriguing incidents programmed by the universe.

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