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Why It’s Essential To Let Go

Letting go is not just simply losing our grip on something that we’ve been holding onto for so long – it’s a change of perspective. Is letting go easy? Not. At least not initially but it makes our life a lot easier. Letting go of a person, memory, or even our past beliefs and the older versions of ourselves can lead us to a new beginning. Imagine how our life would have been if we only held onto the old ways of life; we wouldn’t have evolved if we decided to stay stuck where we were. Letting go is not just a choice but it’s a way of life and perhaps, the best way to live. 

It is a conscious choice

why it's essential to let go
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We’re not bound to be the same person every single day, we’re not bound to hold onto the thoughts that do not take us anywhere. We are allowed to become better and we should wake up as a wiser and fresher version of ourselves every day. Most importantly, we have to know that if a specific thought does not make us feel our best, we can let it go, we are in complete control of our life and we deserve to be entirely happy and free.

Because of attachments, we often have a tight grip on thoughts and connections that do not serve us anymore. But when you’re in that stagnant energy of feeling stuck, ask yourself – where will this take you? Is this thought beneficial for you in any way? Is this lost connection, or a turned-down job, or an old heartbreak going to take you to your highest good by any means? If not, then just let it go. We have to leave the past where it belongs, learn the lessons quickly, and move on. 

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We can place the idea of letting go even on the tiniest and even on seemingly insignificant events of life. The fights that we have with our loved ones, our failures, mistakes, heartbreaks, embarrassments, even the parts of us that we do not like, judgements that we receive, or regrets that we have. We don’t have to hold onto all these just because it has become a habit. When we let go of the old, we make space for the new. Holding on often comes from ego, judgement, negativity or just unhealthy attachments, and we deserve to be our best and most joyous self. Letting go actually serves us by helping us make room for new opportunities and new lessons. 

Why it’s essential to let go and what is in store for you

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Letting go is also a sign of unconditional love towards the self and the world, as well as immense trust in the universe. If you’ve read the story of Princess September, you’ll know that only people who love enough can let go. Whatever is supposed to have a place in our life, will find its way back to us. Also, we don’t have to hold onto something if we trust the universe enough, because we will always know that the universe has something better in store for us.

We always have to keep our minds and arms open, with the mindset that we will welcome whatever comes our way and we will let go of whatever does not serve our highest good or does not belong in our life, or simply just has to leave. We have to let go of feelings of grudge, resentment, fear, and sadness and only have our hearts filled with gratitude and love. Letting go is a form of detachment, it does not mean that we do not own anything, it just means that nothing owns us and that we’re capable of living our best life in spite of the impermanence that life is all about.

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