Food and Nutrition15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates are a kind of chocolate that contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter. It doesn’t have any milk or butter that is usually found in regular milk chocolates. It’s dark and slightly bitter, but definitely delicious. Ever since I started eating dark chocolates I haven’t enjoyed milk chocolates as much. Dark Chocolates are not just tastier but also have a tonne of health benefits.

15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

1. Improves Mood

Studies show that eating dark chocolates has a good effect on our bodies. Eating a piece of dark chocolate also reduces our stress levels. The fatty acids in dark chocolates are what make this happen. It works by stimulating endorphins that make us feel all happy. Other than that it has caffeine and theobromine which helps reduce depression

2. Keeps The Heart Healthy

Eating dark chocolate every day can improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease. It contains cocoa flavonoids that are good for the heart. It also lowers the ‘bad’ cholesterol in our blood and helps maintain the ‘good’ cholesterol. And that ensures that our heart stays healthier for longer.

3. Helps In Weight Loss

The monounsaturated fatty acids present in dark chocolates stimulate metabolism to burn fat. Also when we eat dark chocolates we tend to snack on other things less so that’s a win-win.

4. Treats Diabetes

Dark chocolates also help with curing diabetes. Strange right? I thought so too. For someone who isn’t supposed to eat sweets, eating a bit of dark chocolate every day can do wonders… isn’t that sweet? The flavonoids in the chocolate aid in insulin sensitivity, and glucose balance. Eating some dark chocolate every day can also reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

5. Improves Cognitive Ability

Dark chocolates are known to help improve the cognitive abilities of our brains. When we eat dark chocolates, it intensifies our blood flow to the brain which makes us much more alert. It also shields our brain from aging fast and improves our overall performance.

6. Relieves Cough

The antioxidants present in dark chocolates are known to help in fixing cough. Some studies are also of the view that its effect is much better than that of common cold medicines. These antioxidants also help in regularly flushing out the toxins from our bodies.

7. Strengthens Vision

The cocoa flavonoids present in dark chocolates help in improving the oxygen and nutrient supply to the blood vessels in our eyes. This helps in improving and strengthening our vision. So yep, keep eating those carrots to make your eyes stronger but also add a piece of dark chocolate to the diet!

8. Lowers Blood Pressure

The antioxidants in dark chocolates lead to the opening up of blood vessels, which improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure. So on a day when the blood pressure is spiked up, you know what to resort to to feel better.

9. Improves Teeth Health

The antioxidant theobromine, in dark chocolates, helps in protecting the enamel surfaces of the teeth. This antioxidant is known to be better at hardening the teeth. So have some dark chocolate and smile your biggest smile! (:

10. Protection From Cancer

Studies show that the antioxidants in dark chocolates can help protect us from cancer as they diminish damage to the cells. It also reduces inflammation and can drastically reduce the production of cancer cells. Eating a bit of dark chocolate every day is a great way to ensure you’re safe from cancer.

11. Hydrates The Skin

Dark chocolate does our body a great deal but it also improves the quality of our skin. Now, nothing’s better than that right!?
The cocoa flavonoids in dark chocolates help in improving blood flow and that elevates skin hydration. Eating a bit of dark chocolate every day can give you smoother and glowy skin.

12. Keeps You Looking Younger

The antioxidants in dark chocolates fight aging and keep you looking younger for longer. These antioxidants help in combating DNA mutilation which causes aging skin, greying of hair, and wrinkles.

13. Works Like A Sun Block

What does dark chocolate not help with right? Now imagine eating a bit of dark chocolate every day can protect us from everything, also the sun. The flavonoids in the chocolates protect the skin from destructive UV rays. That prevents us from getting sun allergies, rashes, and spots.

14. Fixes Dandruff

The benefits of dark chocolates are lots in number. The antioxidants present in it help with a large number of things in our bodies. They also help in keeping our scalp in check. Its anti-inflammatory properties stop the build-up of dandruff in our scalps.

15. Improves Hair Quality

Eating a bit of dark chocolate every day can also make your hair healthier, shinier and so much more thicker. It also prevents hair loss. So if you’re someone who struggles with having nutritious thick hair, dark chocolates are your secret fix!

Well, even if it wasn’t aiding our bodies and nourishing our hair and skin, I’d still eat it. But knowing how good it is for us has made me make a shift and now I always keep a bar of dark chocolates in our fridge. It works well in those midnight cravings and I eat it guilt-free, for it has such amazing health benefits.


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