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7 Ways to Bring Back Lost Motivation  

Let’s switch to imagination terrain and jump right into your utopia. Everything is perfect and pink. The ideal place to be! But suddenly you lose the zeal and motivation to execute your favorite dream job. It would suck, right? This little nasty friend called motivation can help you achieve to great lengths. But nobody knows when this friend will leave you for good without any goodbyes or a smiley note on yellow paper! 

Realize yourself out of utopia as we bring to you the most practical ways to bring back lost motivation. 

Why do we Leak out Motivation? 

The essence of motivation is trapped in the very famous saying above by Ziglar. Only a person who knows what it’s like to lose motivation mid-work or even in the beginning phase or right at the very end can grasp the feeling of helplessness and self-loathing that comes along. 

Everything could be going perfectly. You could have just been praised for impeccable work of studies, or maybe you get to finally do what you have always wanted. But then abruptly, there shows up this void and you begin to feel humdrum and unambitious. This is where your friend’s motivation has left you for good. 

It is entirely not in our curb to keep motivation from leaving. But we have the power to boost those motivational levels and crank them up too in desperate times. 

7 Ways to Bring Back Lost Motivation 

There have been trillion times when I felt like drowning in my blackness, because of the lack of motivation. Here is a list of ways I have tried to get myself right back on track. 

1. Motivational Playlist, Speakers, Books, Poems, Articles, and Quotes 

This tops the list because every person that walks the earth has at least tried one of these. The very accessible internet brings you so many videos, speeches, and movies that are directed to bring up your motivational levels. Watch documentaries of people who have suffered and risen above everything pulling them down. Or maybe listen to the very trending motivational speakers. My personal go-to is Jay Shetty. The power of words cannot be undermined here. 

2. Don’t Dwell On It

The more you think and believe that there is not an ounce of motivation left in you, the more gloomier and pathetic you are to become. You will know the very moment when you lack motivation. Instead of being worried and asking why? Ask yourself how to bring it back. This is more productive than the former. It can more than often lead you to solutions residing in you. Don’t worry. All your plans will work out.

3. Try Finding Positivity 

Positivity is a key ingredient that cannot be neglected in any circumstance. Being positive in general life is a healthy lifestyle practice. But positivity in times when you are feeling down can do miracles. When unmotivated hunt for positivity in your surroundings or try nurturing it within.

4. Take it Easy

Stumbling is a part of the process. The road to success is never a steady flight. The many obstacles that come equally reside interior to the ones that lie outside. Such times require you to be easy and kind on yourself. Remember everything is not your fault.

5. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself 

Anyone can be demotivated. It is neither person-specific nor time-specific. Demotivation also brings about frustration and self-loathing. But these moments demand self-love and compassion. 

6. Try Remembering Why You Started What You Started 

Whenever we start something or work our motivation level is at the apex. The efforts put in at this time are superb. Remembering these times will serve as motivation too. This self-motivation can be quick and easy.

7. Talk About Stuff to People 

Talking is a way out to all problematic situations, issues and in tough times where there seem only black demotivational clouds hovering; talking it out to people in your life can help you dig up motivation. Energy levels can be brought up instantly with talks.


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