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12 Simple Ways To Make Friends

It is hard to find friends, especially when you are aware of the friends you keep, you become one of them. Friendship can become essential for life. Having people around can help you be healthy and less stressed. There is a pleasant benefit of having a friend whom you can rant to about your day. However, getting social media support from the community or friends is limited to technology.

12 Simple Ways To Make Friends

1. Volunteer Work

Few websites are places to find volunteer work easily. Such places help to connect people who have similar interests. Having a conversation with a new person is hard, but working as a team makes it easier to interact and grow together with new people. It helps you connect more easily.

2. Go Out With Your Dog

A friendly dog always attracts new people; they ask for names or breeds. You can meet your neighbor whom you never knew! There are games and contests at dog parks where you can meet many dog owners. Your dog will also find a friend. You can find common topics with the owner; they are usually sweet and humble in their talks. It will be easier to connect.

3. Find a Spiritual Community

Spaces such as a church, mosque, or places good for spiritual growth exist. These places have volunteer groups, potlucks, and study groups to connect with people who have the same core values and beliefs. If you find a friend, it will be easier to connect on emotional and spiritual levels. It is a great opportunity to meet someone like you.

4. Reach Out to Old Ones

Social media can be a great tool to trace back your old buddies. The best thing about old friends is you do not need to find common interests to have a friendly conversation. Your old memories can be a part of a pleasant conversation for you to connect instantly. You should be open to accept the changed versions of them. Try to know them and connect with their new version. Appreciate it. It will create a soft corner in their heart for you.

5. Don’t Refrain From Befriending The Opposite Sex

Avoid the mindset that people of the opposite sex can’t be friends. Even the most attractive friends have kept their bond healthy, stupid, and strong over the years. Any judgmental, degrading comments and negative energy makes the person stay away from you. Keep it casual, be you.

6. Smiling Is a Positive Approach Sign

Smile because you will look approachable and welcoming. We consider a smile to be an attractive factor for some people. It lights up the room and also helps you to relieve stress. You must wear a smile, and it will definitely work for you.

7. Look For People Who Have The Same Interests

People who share the same interests or hobbies bond well. It seems like familiar ground for the acquaintance they attract. I have experienced it work. Having a friend who makes you grow in your hobbies is the most natural and realistic way to start this friendship.

8. Proximity, Interests, and Value

These three words are essential to establish a friendship. Being near leads you to specific people. Proximity helps you to connect with new people. Interests regarding certain celebrities, games, movies, or books can connect you deeply. Values related to religion or beliefs can be a connecting point for you.

9. Connect With Your Co-workers

Your co-workers are people with whom you spend most of your time. You have memories with some good co-workers who have been there for you and helped you through the time of work pressure. So, you have people around you but it takes an effort to make them your friend. So, make a group and plan it.

10. Ask For Help And Suggestions

‘It is okay to ask for help.’

That is the point you can connect with some people. Sometimes, asking for suggestions can help you. When someone initiates a conversation, share about what is bothering you. Co-workers and friends can be reliable. Usually, when you feel heard, you feel 10 times lighter. People are considerate and understand the impact on mental health. So, do not be shy and overthink asking for help. There is no harm to ask.

11. Be Observant

If you just take a step back and observe people around you, it can help you. Everybody is reflecting something about themselves. Observing can make your conversation longer and meaningful. Pay attention to their wallpaper, canvas, or books to create conversations. You can find common interests and can plan future hangouts. People never say no to what they like and when you are curious about them.

12. Age Does Not Matter

Friendship does not have any limit, not even age. We prefer people of our age but even the young and old can be a part of our growth. Similarly, you have to learn to be a part of their journey. You will not limit yourself to experiencing a wonderful friendship.

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