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14 Ways To Wake Up Happy

The mood we have in the beginning few hours of the day often sets the day’s tone. If you wake up happy, positive and full of energy, you tend to have an awesome day. Sometimes we wake up feeling sluggish and loaded with negative vibes, and often the day is a bummer.

And if someone hasn’t told you yet that you are in charge of your happiness, then let this be it for you. YOU are in charge of how you FEEL. You get to decide how you want the day to be.. not things might not be in your control, but how you feel in each moment is up to you. So now think about this…. by having a good morning routine, you can set the tone of your day.

14 Ways To Wake Up Happy

1. Breathe & Feel Your Body

As you wake up, take a moment to breathe. Slowly breathe and feel your body. Release any stored tension in your body, unclench your jaws, relax your shoulders and stretch. Ease into yourself before you kickstart the day.

2. Be Thankful

Starting the morning by feeling grateful is a sure way to feel and stay positive throughout the day. Thank the Lord for giving you a chance to wake up and have a try at life. Give thanks, for you are healthy and can breathe and as you do that, notice how light and happy your body begins to feel. It shifts your state of mind instantly.

Through the day, notice and reflect to continue to feel gratitude for things.

3. Smile & Say Positive Affirmations

Smile is our strongest weapon. It not only works our facial muscles but also makes us feel happy inside. Smile in the mirror and say powerful positive affirmations to lift your vibration. And as you progress, smile at everyone you see too. A tiny second of a smiling face can change someone’s day and for sure will change yours.

4. Listen To An Uplifting Podcast

Listening to something uplifting in the morning can surely put you in a good headspace. It calms any racing thoughts and sets a good tone for the day. It’s like having a parent give you a pep talk on an important day. So think of it as every day being an important day to make sure you do your best. And a nice podcast being the pep talk you need to have a great day.

5. Stretch & Move Your Body

There’s a tonne of movement exercises that you could try doing for your morning routine. Moving the body, stretching, a light session of Yoga, all feel equally good and relaxing. Some like to massage their bodies or even massage their face. Doing so is a sure way to wake up happy and increases blood circulation.

6. Soak Up Some Sun

Our body releases a hormone Melatonin, that induces sleep, so we must do things that stop that when we wake up. If we don’t, it keeps us feeling sluggish and drowsy. Sitting in a bit of fresh air and morning sun is one way to do that. Soaking up the warmth of the morning sun makes us feel happy, relaxed, and charged up for the day.

7. Have A Glass of Lemon Water

A lot of times, our bodies feel dehydrated when we wake up. That is mostly because we don’t drink enough water before sleeping and, of course, while we are asleep. So as you wake up, have a glass of water, or better yet, a warm glass of lemon water. Hydration is an excellent way to increase energy levels and feel happier.

8. Make Fewer Decisions Early Morning

This one is probably my favourite of all the things I like to do for a nice morning routine. When we have fewer decisions to make early morning, we feel better off. So decide all that you need to the night before.

Remember how when we were little, our parents asked us to pack our school bags the night prior. Layout the clothes for the next day or even make a meal plan. You are at so much more ease when things are planned & prepared beforehand. Lesser decisions to make in the morning is equal to a happier you.

9. Make Good Talk

Although I’m not much of a talker early morning. As I wake up, I like to start the day in as much silence as possible. But once you are done with your morning routine, it’s known to be good to engage in pleasant conversations.

Call up family or your loved ones and ask how they are doing? Or, if you are a plant lover, give a pep talk to your plants and check on them as you water them. They say doing this gets our brains active and ready for the day.

10. Engage In An Activity You Enjoy

If you do something that you deeply enjoy, you will be looking forward to that activity on waking up. I remember when I was little, and if it was a picnic day at school or an exciting day to look forward to, I woke up before time too.

Have something planned for your day that you look forward and you will surely wake up happy. Something as simple as going for a morning run if that’s what you enjoy most or even simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

11. Visualize A Happy Day

While doing your morning chores think of how you’d like your day to be. Dreading a meeting going wrong? Think of it in as much detail but with positive outcomes. Visualizing is a great way to set the tone for how you’d like the day to be. Visualize happy things, and you’ll be able to keep that momentum going.

12. Take A Nice, Hot Shower

Taking a shower instantly recharges our body. The water somehow washes away all the pain, soreness and worries. It brings us to the present moment and gets us active for the day. A nice shower is a great way to have all your senses awakened to have a happy day.

13. Have A Hearty, Healthy Breakfast

It’s true that when we are hungry, we tend to be more irritable, so start your day with a nice & healthy breakfast. Make yourself something delicious and keep your body fuelled for the day.

14. Have A Good Night Sleep

Lastly, make sure you have a good night’s sleep. If you haven’t slept nicely and are not well-rested, you might not feel fresh and happy as you wake up. So you must have a proper sleep. To do that, make sure you steer away from your phone and other electronic devices before you sleep and as you wake up. If you like, try meditating as you go to bed too.

Waking up happy and making sure you are mindful throughout the day is all you need to get through the day in the highest spirits.
What are some of your favorite ways to wake up happy?… Drop in a comment (:


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