Health and Wellness11 Symptoms of Emotional Exhaustion You Should Notice

11 Symptoms of Emotional Exhaustion You Should Notice

It is easier for people to bring humor and say I feel dead. Some people use it as a casual statement. People suffering from physical and emotional exhaustion should not take it casually. When your emotional health makes your body suffer, it gives signs and it is important to pay attention to them. If you find yourself in the below category, do take it seriously because the smallest detail brings bigger problems later.

11 Symptoms of Emotional Exhaustion You Should Notice

1. Emotions consume you

Everyday emotions consume you, every single negative feeling crushes you. They overwhelm you and you become a bundle of emotions. It is easier to be reactive if a small inconvenience bothers you. This happens because you hassle through your day without reflecting on your thoughts. Find what is underneath and prioritize what you think.

2. You feel a deep sense of defeat

The sense of defeat can be felt. You go all-in for something with an expectation to be successful or just don’t try at all because you do not want to face defeat. This state of mind of all-in or nothing creates fear inside you. You feel discouraged and hopeless because you fail to achieve it. However, these emotions also stop you from trying things. You are easily agitated and hesitate to accept new challenges. Trying is a part of life, everybody does not get it right at once. Replaying your mistakes in your mind, making your confidence low cannot help you. So, the mindset should be – I can do this thing or let’s find out if it is for me or not.

3. You lack motivation

Even the slightest which can be achieved in 5 mins, you tend to procrastinate it. Your day-to-day life goes by and there is no sense of motivation for a new adventure. You are not motivated to put effort into new things in life.

4. You experience anxiety attacks

An anxiety attack is not anybody’s fault, it is a reaction when somebody gets highly anxious. Shaking of hands or legs and faster heartbeat – these are ways your body tells it is not comfortable. You do not need to beat or feel shame for it. It could even help you feel calm later on.

5. You feel detached to reality

You usually zone out from the current situation. You find yourself in the group but not present. These scenarios take up all your day but the fact is that hey have nothing to do with reality. Hence, you find yourself disconnected.

6. You cry for no reason

When you tend to hold these emotions like anger, frustration, hurt, mental exhaustion, it becomes an outburst of emotions. It takes a mode of defense. You can cry all you want, it feels better, but it does not solve the stress or exhaustion you feel inside of you. There is an important need for you to talk about your hurt and heal from it.

7. Your personal relationship suffers

You find your relationship draining. You want this relationship to stay, but the irrelevant fights and your only effort in the relationship make it harder. It gets draining for you.

8. Your mind is filled with negative feelings

We all get 3 AM negative thoughts because a critic inside us creates a standard. A standard that sometimes is unrealistic to achieve and can make you feel low and highly negative about your existence. They question you what if or prove you guilty and fill you with full of regrets. If you keep on listening to this, it will be more toxic for the mind and exhausting for your life.

9. You get sick more often

It can be upsetting and discouraging to keep on going to the hospital, it is human to feel so. The medicines makes the tongue tasteless but also creates your mind a hard place. It is lonely and less lively. Often normal sickness becomes a great problem for the body. So, check up on symptoms and go to a good hospital.

10. You gaining more weight

Your mental health affects your body as well. Gaining weight is good but not immediately. People with anxiety or depression usually cut their consumption of food or overeat. It is a misconception that laziness is causing you to not eat or sleep well, it is actually the impact of depression. The mind itself gets exhausting and too tiring which is also a reason for gaining weight.

11. You feel nauseous

It is one of the major warnings for exhaustion. You find yourself in this situation less eating or getting less sleep. Taking this into consideration does have a longer impact on your body. The physical signs of drainage are the impact of past trauma. Our body is a great indicator as a sign to take care of it now.


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