Health and WellnessThe Price We Pay For Everything In Life

The Price We Pay For Everything In Life

Nothing comes free for us in this lifetime, and if it’s free, someone out there is paying the price. Or if it’s not costing you money, it’s costing you something else. Nothing in life comes for free even Santa comes with a Claus. Everything comes with its price tag; even our breath of life has been purchased at birth through efforts and pains. Things that hold high value in life always have the highest price.

The biggest price we pay for anything is our time. It is the most valuable asset in our life. Let’s use it wisely. Well said by Bukola Olafenwa, “Nothing valuable in life is free; yesterday was the very beginning of what we are working on today, paying the price of a deserving tomorrow, for ourselves and our generations yet born.”

So let’s delve into the price we pay for everything in life

1. A big Mac doesn’t cost ₹300, it costs your health

The Price We Pay For Everything In Life
Source: eatthis

That Big Mac is high in kilojoules, saturated fat, and added sugar/salt. These terminologies ain’t digestive but the Big Mac is. “All I want to hear is Mac, cheese, fries, coke, yummy. What I don’t want to hear is the combination of fats and sugar that makes junk food more addictive, because it doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is my taste buds.” Well, you sure should but just with the price of your health. You’re ignoring it now but it is considered to be an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease.

Be realistic about your favorite treats, or else you will end up paying the price for both your physical and mental health. It is neither good for your health nor for your well-being. Nevertheless, it also leaves you with negative impacts and your body rejecting healthy food options.

2. Netflix doesn’t cost ₹999, it costs you time

Source: computerhoy

Well let me tell you something straight, Netflix is damn addictive. You have to binge watch or else there is no fun. What happens is usually in our respective free time we get fascinated by some series. We start watching them for starters and end up finishing the entire series in one go. There is no way out once you’re into it, it literally drives you crazy to keep watching the next episode, followed by the next, and so on.

Do you see how this functions? What we don’t understand or forget is that we just had an hour free, rest wasn’t in the plan. It was designated for some other work, however it got pushed further and further because that addiction doesn’t let you stop watching. What has it done? Nothing but wasted your precious time. Being a couch potato isn’t helping you, all the important choices in life you’ll ever make will be by using your time wisely.

3. Social media isn’t free, it costs your focus

Source: cnbc

If you are reading this and simultaneously doing something else, then you should stop one thing. Because this requires your attention and the other thing might distract you. You are losing time to refocus on what you were reading. The gameplay is very simple. This works exactly the same with our social media, we keep scrolling all over our social media even while we are sitting in our lecture hall. Where’s your focus? It can’t be on both.

Your focus is being stolen and you’re the one letting it happen, while you ARE the one who can stop it from happening. Social media and other factors in our social life destroy our ability to focus.

It keeps our attention divided while it still can.
We should retrieve our minds while we still can.

4. Late-night texting doesn’t cost MBs, it costs your sleep

Source: sclhealth

It’s bedtime, but for some of us, it just means relaxing on the bed and going through the phone. The more you use your phone, it will keep you awake for a much longer time. That’s what it’s meant to do, to engage your brain and delay your sleep. You may not realize it now but it is also affecting your brain’s health. We don’t want to get that feeling of detachment from our phones, we are so addicted to them that we may allow it to drown us in. No pun intended but meant every word.

Your internet pack holds no value in front of your health. Nevertheless, we use our data pack so carefully that it should suffice us throughout the day until we hit the hay. Do we care the same way about our beauty sleep? And how do the blue rays affect our vision at night? Think twice. Remember the price.

5. Overthinking doesn’t cost you solutions, it costs you peace

Source: soulveda

Overthinking is faced by many of us, it may be harmless at this point but it destroys your inner peace and affects your healthy living. It’s a lingering pattern of your thoughts playing in a loop but in a negative manner. The more it keeps on going, it restricts you from positive thinking and productivity. You start developing a negative approach towards others, keep on doubting them, you misunderstand situations and also at times, it leads you to make the wrong decisions. Your peace, your sleep, your balanced lifestyle, and your self-awareness are all at peril if you bury yourself in your obsessive thoughts.

6. Anger doesn’t cost justice, it costs loneliness

Source: apa

Anger is the basic emotion we all are bound to experience time and again. There’s just no specific situation for this emotion. When it gets out of control it can affect us and the people around us, resulting in hurting them. And later you end up with the feeling of guilt and shame of your reactions, costing you the loneliness. Some people are very short-tempered and they tend to explode in rage. Often they start fearing their own anger and try to isolate themselves from people. They find it more convenient than to burst out in public and face humiliation.

On the other hand, some people with anger issues try to suppress their feelings and keep them to themselves. They avoid going out in public because somehow they face depression and anxiety. It’s affecting the body system in many ways. Start pointing out your reason for anger and talk it out or walk out till you calm yourself. But don’t be harsh on others as it will cause loneliness.

7. Love doesn’t cost commitment, it costs sacrifice

Source: verywellmind

Love at first is absolutely an amazing feeling, you just live in the moment and don’t know what’s happening around you. But once you start caring for that person it gets a little more intense. You start opening up about your life, and things that you haven’t spoken about to anyone. You’ve to break the shell of your comfort zone and let your person in, only then the relationship start to develop.

It may not be easy for some people because they have lived their lives this way, not telling anyone about how they feel and being a little less expressive. But we all know how love works, you have to show emotions to receive the same. Always remember even true love is learned the hard way.


Everyone has a different pattern, and a different way of handling their situations, and our perspective differs for each situation. The above information has been written keeping my own life in mind, what things have been done, and the consequences that have been faced. At certain stages of life, we all might have faced one of the situations mentioned above along with the price we have paid.

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