Food and Nutrition16 Superb Health Benefits of Lychee

16 Superb Health Benefits of Lychee

Lychee, also known as litchi, surely belongs to the group of fruits that make summer more fun! Behind the juicy white pulp underlie numerous health benefits making it one of the healthiest summer fruits.

Let’s look at the Health Benefits of Lychee:

1. Source of Copper

Health Benefits of Lychee
Source: india

Lychees are actually a pretty decent source of copper that can be good for our body, especially our RBCs.

2. Fights Cancer

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The pulp of lychee contains flavonoids which can be pretty good when it comes to fighting cancer cells, it is especially effective against breast cancer. In addition, the antioxidant properties of lychee fruit pericarp can fight liver cancer. 

3. Rich with Antioxidants

Source: thespruceeats

Lychee has higher levels and amounts of antioxidants than many other fruits. It is rich with polyphenols and is seen to have epicatechin which may improve heart health. Lychee is also a great source of Rutin, which, according to some studies, may protect the human body against chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

4. Beneficial for Skin

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Consuming lychee can have anti-aging effects because of its content of vitamin E. This wonder fruit prevents fine lines and wrinkles from appearing on the skin and keeps it healthy and young. 

5. Aids Weight Loss

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It has also been believed to help in weight loss. As lychee improves and helps the digestive system and adjusts the metabolic rate, it can indeed lead to effective weight loss. 

6. Beneficial for Hair Growth

Source: cosmopolitan

The antioxidant properties in this fruit help keep hair healthy and shiny, in addition, it also helps with improving hair growth. 

7. Prevents Cataract

Source: ic8lens

Clouding of the lens leads to cataract. The phytochemicals of lychee fruit have antioxidant and antineoplastic properties that help prevent abnormal growth of cells, as a result, preventing cataract. 

8. Improves Bone Health

Source: jeanhailes

Lychee is full of essential minerals like copper, manganese, phosphorus, iron, etc. which increase the absorption of calcium and overall improve the bone health. 

9. Good for Kidneys

Source: reidhealth

Lychees can lower risks of kidney damage. This summer fruit has balanced levels of water and potassium which lead to the elimination of toxins from our body. It lowers the concentration of uric acid, keeping the kidneys happy and healthy. 

10. Full of Vitamins and Minerals

Source: australianlychee

As we can already tell by now, lychee is rich with vitamins like vitamin E & C, along with minerals like manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus, etc. which are absolutely essential for our health. 

11. Reduces Inflammation

Source: goodyearhealth

As the lychee fruit is full of flavonoids, it works against any tissue damage and swelling. Because of these anti-inflammatory properties, it can also soothe a sore throat. 

12. Improves Blood Circulation

Source: lipani

Minerals like copper and iron in the lychee fruit can benefit blood circulation as both of these are an integral part of RBC formation. 

13. Regulates Blood Pressure

Source: everydayhealth

Lychee contains balanced levels of sodium and potassium which are absolutely necessary for regulating blood pressure and in addition, soothing the blood vessels. 

14. Helps in Digestion

Source: ayurhealing

Lychee has plenty of dietary fiber which helps bowel movements and aids digestion by stimulating efficient nutrient absorption. It works great for constipation and other digestion-related problems. 

15. Boosts Immunity

Source: mashed

The high content of Vitamin C in this fruit helps to boost the immune system and proceeds to fight against any dangerous bacteria or virus and protects one’s body from any kind of infection. 

16. Good for Heart

Source: speakinginsymbols

Lychee possesses the ability to balance cholesterol levels and prevent any kind of cardiovascular disease. Consuming this fruit can even prevent heart attacks. 

This amazing fruit belonging to the soapberry family definitely brings out the fun during summer. Readers are always advised to look for the downsides before consuming this fruit though, as lychee can cause allergic reactions in some cases. Hope everyone gets the best of this summer fruit!

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