Health and Wellness10 Reasons Why Gardening is Good for our Mental Health

10 Reasons Why Gardening is Good for our Mental Health

This gratifying quote cannot be more agreeable as gardens aren’t just upshots of a mere hobby but an eye-soothing treat to our minds. Whether we’re stably at our highest in life or dealing with a bit of fickleness, gardening can come in handy as a hobby in order to manifest the mindset that we may need at the moment. After all, we are beings of nature, so bringing back a hint of nature in our daily sight and chore might make everything easier.

Let’s look deeper into the reasons why gardening is good for our mental health. 

1. Helps Mindfulness

Helps Mindfulness
Source: iasbaba

Mindfulness is the capability to be fully present, being exactly aware of our current action, location, and situation. It is pivotal to enjoying life to its fullest, but like every other task, mindfulness needs practice. Gardening is a beautiful way to make ourselves feel the passing moment and as a result, works like a charm when it comes to practicing mindfulness.

2. Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress
Source: verywellmind

Gardening is basically one of those wonderful activities that help serotonin levels to increase in the brain. It works wonders as a stress-buster. So, having a little walk down one’s own garden and taking care of the plants surely work amazing at decreasing stress. 

3. Increases Happiness

Increases Happiness
Source: mindfullivingnetwork

Adding a little more to our last point, greenery influences mental health positively. Nature is a symbol of life, therefore, it affects those around it in a heartwarming manner. A daily dose of gardening can reduce anger, decrease depression, and increase happiness in humans. 

4. Gives a Sense of Creativity

Gives a Sense of Creativity
Source: hellomagazine

Waking up one morning and finding out a little bud on a plant that one had planted gives an incomparable satisfaction. Feeling like a creator is a sensation we all want to have at some point of our lives, gardening surely gives out that amazingly. 

5. Helps to Practice Acceptance

Helps to Practice Acceptance
Source: bigblogofgardening

Being in control might feel good but Mother Nature never fails to give us reminders of the fact that we’re not always in control. Being around a bit of nature helps to practice acceptance and soothes us. Gardening is the perfect antidote to the thirst for perfectionism. Life will turn out to be as it is and even though it is not entirely under our control, it will still be just as beautiful. 

6. Connects us to our World

Connects us to our World
Source: urbanmali

When we’re gardening and nurturing the plants, we’re not only getting connected with the plants but also the soil that we’re tending. It grounds us and helps to connect with our roots, it also connects us to the cycle of earth and seasons, and therefore, makes us feel more connected to the world that we’re living in. 

7. Improves Concentration

Improves Concentration
Source: tatasteel

I think a lot of us have the problem of not being able to concentrate for longer periods. People who garden have been seen to have longer spans of attention. It’s the result of the fact that gardening indeed takes a lot of our attention, as tending a garden is no less than taking care of a pet. 

8. Makes us more Patient

Makes us more Patient
Source: hgtv

Gardening gives us a lesson to be more patient, not only with ourselves but with the rest of the world as well. It teaches us how to anticipate patiently and not long for immediate results. It helps us enjoy the journey along with the objective that it offers. 

9. Gives a Sense of Purpose

Gives a Sense of Purpose
Source: gardengate

Since gardening practically lets us see the results of our loving efforts, it creates a sense of worth and purpose within us, leaving us feeling fulfilled and good about ourselves. 

10. Works as a Therapeutic Hobby

Works as a Therapeutic Hobby
Source: puzl

Gardening can be considered an absolutely lovely and therapeutic hobby as it increases positive feelings in us and helps us get rid of negative feelings. It not only teaches us mandatory lessons of life but helps us become better versions of ourselves as well. 

As much as gardening helps our mental health, it’s a perfect activity to keep ourselves physically healthy too. Moreover, it adds to the greenery, which is no less than an ecstatic reward. The space required for this hobby can be as minimal as our balcony or as spacious as a backyard. It’s a sweet pastime that more beings should take up to give their minds a good hint of care and to add a bit to the greenery around us.

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