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6 Helpful Affirmations To Attain Harmony

It’s a known fact that we cannot live alone in this world. No matter who you are or what you do, for your competition or for your own benefits, you’ll always need people in some way or the other. Living is all about staying peaceful and harmonious with ourselves, with people around us, and with society.

So here are 6 helpful affirmations to attain harmony

1. I desire humanity and discourage arrogance

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Humanity makes our lives worth living. You don’t have to be rich to help the needy. Share that one slice of bread you have, that’s enough to show your concern towards their needs and sorrows. It’s important how we treat each other. It functions as a mirror, it will reflect the same on how you are treated. If there is any sort of gain or fame behind the act of kindness, remember it’s not humanity that you are projecting.

Sometimes you don’t know what a person is going through, yet you decide to criticize or judge things your way. If you don’t want to be seen as arrogant, you need to change the way you think, the way you act, and the way you respond. It’s important to see people as equal as you are. Try considering that you don’t know that person well enough to gauge him instead of regarding yourself as superior. Remember that nobody wants to be around people who make them uncomfortable.

2. I desire truth and discourage falsehood

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As a teenager, we often fight and tell our significant other that we are not upset with them, despite it being the opposite. It’s important to tell the truth because it will help you and your partner resolve misunderstandings. It will not only clear the clutter, but build a closer connection when expressing your emotions. Truth is reality. It may be hard on you for a while but it will help you from further lies. Lies have their way of coming back, even the smallest ones.

We always choose people who are trustworthy for our decision-making, business purposes, and confidential tasks. It’s all about the reputation or the image you portray for yourself, but untruthfulness implies that you are either lying or creating a falsehood. Sometimes, in a situation where you don’t want to hurt or offend someone you tend to lie. What you need to know is that consequences may await you. Also, you’ll have to remember what lies you’ve told and to whom you’ve told.

3. I desire integrity and discourage treachery

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Integrity is considered to be of high value. In today’s era, we have learned to play the blame game. Having integrity means that no matter what if you are to be blamed, take all the blame and accept your mistakes.

All of us are aware of the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” Being honest takes a lot of courage because it lets you speak about your actions for who you are and what you believe in. Contrary to this, if you hold someone else responsible for your own benefits they will likely face a betrayal. And if you’ve betrayed your friend it becomes more difficult to be forgiven because it’s easier to forgive the enemies than to forgive a friend. Betrayal hurts, it takes time to heal in your own time and in your own way.

4. I desire their true nature and discourage prejudice

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Have you really questioned yourself, “Who am I?” When we look at people we can make a rough image of their personalities. We like to know what we are good at from others’ point of view and we take pride in that, but sometimes it doesn’t make you feel like yourself. The only way you can feel yourself is to let go of who you thought you were and be the real you.

Sometimes knowing yourself isn’t enough, understanding the person who you are with also plays a major role. Have a deep conversation, let them think and speak, and give them space. It will take time to learn who they are because, in the start, they’ll try to impress but once they are comfortable, you’ll be able to see who they are.

Before giving this time we’ve already made an image of them in our minds or we’ve already judged them to be precise. We tend to judge because it’s a simple act that doesn’t require thinking. Our human behavior urges us to be right, to be better and superior to others. So without further delay in our judgment, we just judge.

5. I desire to work hard and discourage procrastination

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To reach success you should always push yourself to the limit of working hard. Nothing in life comes easy. It not only makes you smart but also promotes personal growth and makes you positive towards life. “Procrastination is the thief of time,” it is said. What we can do is utilize the time we have, instead of delaying things. It’s not good for your growth and it can make you a couch potato. We have hundreds of things to do in our leisure time and we can make the most of it. A little hard work goes a long way to avoid a pile of tasks left to be done for the last minute.

6. I desire knowledge and discourage superstition

affirmations to attain harmony
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Being knowledgeable is being confident. And applying that knowledge is a skill. If you are curious in gaining knowledge you will keep learning new and different things to feed this curiosity. Giving the right direction to it is what makes it worth it. All these years of education, even scientific training cannot overcome the power of superstition.

We are very curious about our future, and in this changing era of development, we face tension, depression, and anxiety, and get stuck in the superstitious beliefs of good luck charms. In such situations, being knowledgeable is what pulls you out of such blind faith; it is important in order to find evidence. It helps a lot in dismissing superstitious beliefs that you are associated with.

Choosing the correct path is a way to lead a powerful life. It will bring more stability and authenticity to your living. It is important to live in alignment with your values to live in a society with varied cultures and serve the world with purpose. Always follow your instincts, it will guide you through the path you want to lead.

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