Health and Wellness11 Amazing Reasons why Solitude is Important for Personal Growth

11 Amazing Reasons why Solitude is Important for Personal Growth

Solitude is often confused with loneliness. But the difference between the two is that solitude helps you improve and understand yourself while loneliness is suffocating and insidious. The reason why solitude is important is because it helps you to know who you are before understanding anything else. For your convenience here are a few reasons which will help you understand the importance of solitude and how it helps in your personal growth.

Here are 11 reasons why solitude is important for personal growth.

1. It helps you know yourself

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Being alone can be a task for a few people but if you are aware of its benefits it will always help you. Solitude helps in understanding one’s mistakes, shortcomings and strengths. Thereby making you more aware about yourself. This activity is important because only when you know yourself you can know and help others.

2. Being alone helps in improving relations

Being alone helps in improving relations
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Solitude brings more calm and emotional stability in life. This makes the self more calm towards handling difficult situations in a relationship and handling them more carefully and consciously. Relationships are vulnerable and need to be handled with care when you surround yourself with only yourself, encounters with truth happen which makes relations more strong.

3. It boosts creativity and productivity

It boosts creativity and productivity
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Ultimately when you understand yourself and encounter your thoughts, your mind becomes more creative and productive. The ability to work becomes greater and the difference can be felt equally in social relations.

4. Makes you more resilient

Makes you more resilient
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Resilience helps in coping with failures in life and cope up with any sudden changes. Keeping yourself busy distracts you from problems and issues in life. But being alone makes you aware of them. This ultimately brings more awareness and stability and hence makes our mind and body resilient.

5. Helps in planning life ahead

Helps in planning life ahead
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The problem with being busy is the ignorance we create for ourselves. Solitude breaks this cycle and adds more meaning to life. It helps in thinking better and by thinking better you can plan better for life ahead. The idea of giving a lot of hours to work will ultimately fail if there is no plan of action behind it, hence planning in life is important.

6. Improves mental health

Improves mental health
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By spending a little time of the day with yourself you can organize your thoughts, clear the confusion in your mind, if any, and create a positive space for better thoughts. It helps you understand if any problem is worth solving or forgetting, bringing a positive change solitude helps to deal with stress and worry.

7. Utilize time for meditation and yoga

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Everyone is aware of the benefits of meditating and practicing yoga. But, we hardly have time to engage in these activities because of a lack of time. In this case, a little time alone gives time and hence can be used in yoga and meditation.

8. Organize your time

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Organizing time is an important activity in the current situation. You can organize a time when you think about it, and this can be done only in your free time. Time management increases productivity and helps in managing every task in a better way. Solitude gives us time and thereby makes us manage time better.

9. Gives strength

Gives strength
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Solitude gives strength because it makes you more dependent on yourself. When all your energy is vested in yourself, expectations are less and vulnerability is less. This gives more strength and courage.

10. Helps in finding your joy

Helps in finding your joy
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Exploring more about yourself, and getting more aware of your shortcomings and strengths also makes you realize where you get more joy and what hurts you. This is why it is said that solitude gives happiness.

11. Explore your interests and hobby

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When you are more aware of yourself and your mind, knowing what you like and what you do not, becomes easier. Solitude helps in not only knowing your interests and hobbies but also polishing them.

The most precious time of the day is the time you spend with yourself. You learn to love yourself and hence love others. The art of using alone time for progress is the most surreal benefit of solitude which needs to be unlocked by all of us.

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