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12 Effective Hacks to Manage Time

Time management is a skill everyone looks forward to acquiring. From a school going child to the CEO of a multinational company, everyone wants to be more productive and to increase productivity, managing every minute of the day is crucial. To make time management easy to learn and acquire –

Here are a few hacks to manage time.

1. Wake up early

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Getting up early in the morning has infinite benefits. It gets you recharged from within and when you finish all your work, you still have a lot of time to plan the next day and spend some time on your hobby. Once you are in the habit of waking up early it improves the functioning of the different organs in the body. Hence, the overall productivity as well as the holistic health improves.

2. Create a to-do list

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Creating a strategy or a to-do list may or may not be useful for you. But it is good to try this as it has been proven to help a lot of people. This makes the planning and stepping from one task to another easier. It’s not necessary to plan each activity of the day, but one can start by planning the essential ones.

3. Think but do not procrastinate

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While making any plan, it is important to execute it. Most people make plans to reevaluate it and skip to the next plan. This happens when you think more and work less. This cycle needs to be reversed and instead of thinking you need to work accordingly.

4. Prioritize your activities

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Prioritizing activities you have to do in a day is essential to be decisive and focused. Sometimes, you might not have time to finish all the work, that is why it is important to know which work is more important and which one is less important.

5. Stop multitasking

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Multitasking is a source of distraction and leads to loss of attention. If you skip frequently from one task to another, you might be able to focus on none. Rather than focusing on one task, finishing it and then doing the other work, this helps in managing time effectively and improves productivity in the long run.

6. Explore different routines

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Just like there is no formula for success there is no formula for the perfect routine. A schedule might suit someone and not suit someone else. This is why it is important to understand what suits your needs and demands. Experimenting with different routines will help you find the best one for you, but once you know that a particular routine matches your needs, stick to it and work.

7. Keep away from distractions

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Distractions have always existed and the 21st century is not an exception. However, the distractions that we face today are amplified a million times. Hence, it is important to stay away from distractions because at the end of the day you are losing your time there.

8. Create a genuine workspace

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Having a good atmosphere around you is important. You will be able to focus only when you are willing to do it. An active workspace helps you do this. If you want to study, create a soothing and silent space where there is no disturbance, if you are supposed to focus on exercise, create an exuberant space with designs on walls that keep you motivated.

9. Balance between rest and work

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Balancing rest and work is significant for managing time. Sometimes you might work the whole day and yet not be able to complete your work, while at other times you might just need a few hours to finish it and have the rest of the day to invest in other activities. This difference is due to proper rest, as it helps in making your focus and work more productive.

10. Give some time to settle

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Whenever any building is designed, the architecture is left for some weeks so that the concrete dries up and stays intact. This is the same that we need to put into our routines. Once you try something new, leave some time for it to settle into your life. Because only when it is settled properly will you get the desired results.

11. Stay connected with your loved ones

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Family and friends show us the reality that we can get detached from reality if we are working all the time. Staying connected to them helps to rebuild and revive the lost potential that we have, and for managing time it is important to use the potential that is inbuilt in you.

12. Instill creativity in your work

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Even if you have successfully managed time you might not be able to work productively because everything becomes monotonous with time. To avoid this situation it is good to have creativity in your work. This not only makes the work different from the rest but also makes you more diligently involved in doing it.

Time management is not a goal, it is the way to reach the final goal. It improves productivity and helps a person unleash their potential and be their best version every day. With the above steps in mind, you will be able to tackle the problem of managing time effectively.

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