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9 Effective Mantras To Make A Relationship Last Forever

And in the end, we say, “I don’t speak to that person anymore because things have changed a lot between us. Leaving people is quite easy but staying rock solid next to them through good and bad times is what takes courage and that is what we lack. There are some simple gestures you can make and see how all your relationships last until eternity.

So here are 9 effective mantras to make a relationship last forever

1. Offer sincere advice

mantras to make a relationship last forever
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We try misleading people by giving them the wrong advice thinking that this would make our path clear and remove competition for us. But is that really how you want to reach your dreams? Will that give you a peaceful sleep? Not.
So, when people come to you for your advice it somehow means you know more than them which eventually adds value to your character. By providing wrong suggestions don’t add stains to your character rather keep it clean by guiding them with the correct advice.

2. Answer people’s calls

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Ahhh!!! It’s him again. Why does he always keep on calling me for help? Let me just ignore it.
Little do we know what the person had called for and how badly he needed our help. But instead of picking it up and trying to be helpful we often ignore it and pretend that we were busy doing something. Because it’s somehow easy to say, “I’ll be there for you” or “You can count on me like 1,2,3” but it is a lot more difficult to act on it.

3. Provide assistance

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You can’t always slip out of every situation saying “I frankly have no idea about it.” Sometimes, you do know stuff but it’s more comfortable to act noob and stay out of it. For once if you keep that laziness aside and give your valuable input to that person, trust me, that little light you provide will brighten a lot of their dreams.

4. Prevent others from backbiting

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You might think that you are not the one who talks foul about others behind their back. But you are definitely listening to people talking bad about others. And you feel it isn’t your fault but actually it is. We get away with it by saying, “I wasn’t the one who said that” but you didn’t stop that person from saying it either. Being a part of that discussion puts you at fault too. If you don’t have the audacity to stop the gossip then don’t escalate it by hearing it out.

5. Forgive people’s mistakes

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We humans tend to make mistakes every now and then and yet we are not ready to forgive the other person for doing so. When it comes to our fault we just act innocent saying “I am not a robot” and when it comes to others we just expect them to be as perfect as a robot. This isn’t how it works right? Because in the end, we are all of the same species. Just as the famous proverb goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

6. Accept their excuses

There are n number of excuses we have stored in case we want to escape a situation, some being genuine, some just randomly made up. When we expect people to trust us and accept the reasons we give, then certainly, we too should give them the benefit of the doubt and believe theirs as well.

7. Protect their honor

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Tearing people down won’t take you anywhere. While standing next to them would. Don’t look at people to find their flaws, instead, find ways in which you could hide them. Focus on the good and see how that changes everything around you. Try to be a person who is a source of reducing stress and not causing more of it.

8. Visit someone when they are unwell

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You see a lot of people around when it’s a happy day, maybe your birthday, wedding, or a success party. However, just a handful of them are seen when you are sick. The ones who stick by your side during the tough times are the people who genuinely care about you the most. So just like the way you want that love and affection when you are sick, you feel like there should be someone next to you to cheer you up; the same way, make yourself available to your friends when they are unwell. Check on them if they need anything.

9. Give condolences when someone dies

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“Ohh I forgot to text my friend on their birthday!”
Trust me that’s completely okay if you miss on that because their inbox will still be flooded with wishes. But when it comes to a demise in their family you have to show up without an excuse. Your presence in that moment would matter the most to your friend more than greetings on a birthday.


It is quite true that the little things matter in life. When you put these tiny efforts into any relationship, they can end up making a perfect picture of love and affection. Don’t take your actions for granted because they surely have an impact on the people around you.

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