Health and Wellness7 Ways to Destroy the Devil in You

7 Ways to Destroy the Devil in You

Being humans, do we really show humanity?
Or is it time for us to learn that from animals?
Being jealous of people, misleading individuals, snatching opportunities from co-workers, backbiting our friends, and considering ourselves to be superior, are the traits we have been practicing for a while now.

It’s not like we are born with this attitude but instead, we have adapted ourselves to it.
Can’t we make life simpler?
Can we bring back the good in us?
Because in the end, all that matters is who we are and what we do to others.

Here are some ways to destroy the devil in you and revive the angel!

1. Show generosity despite poverty.

Ways to Destroy the Devil in You
Source: oprah

We always feel sympathetic when we come across someone less fortunate and pass by the same saying to ourselves, “I don’t have enough to help this guy and only if I was rich I could have done something.”

If everyone thought the same way how impossible would it be to survive in this world? You don’t have to be rich to provide someone with something. All that you have to be is generous. Everything doesn’t require money, some people just need your time, effort, words, and even your presence.

2. Be cheerful with everyone around.

Ways to Destroy the Devil in You
Source: wellbe

No one likes pessimistic people. All we want is good vibes only. And what you give is what you get. Don’t carry your baggage along and rant all the time about everything that bothers you instead talk about the good moments you had in the day, show what new things you’ve learned, and this way your people will reciprocate the same which will create a positive atmosphere around, and vice versa. This will be a win-win situation for everyone.

3. Do justice to yourself.

By the end of the day you have to be answerable to yourself, and that’s where the reality comes out. Make sure that when you look at yourself, you don’t feel ashamed of your actions. Do justice to yourself by following the right path and not just the easy one. Because not every road will end up in your desired destination. So stand up, take some actions, own up to it, and treat yourself like you would want to be treated by others.

4. Be kind to those who hurt you.

ways to destroy the devil in you
Source: lifehackers

Half of our energy gets wasted in following the tit-for-tat attitude. Why not save that and utilize it for something more beneficial? Why not let go of things that bother us and have some mental peace within? This is what all our religious preaching tries to inculcate in us but rather than practicing and understanding these we just keep on chanting them. It’s high time we seep in the kindness and drain out all the hatred.

5. Forgive those who condemn you.

Source: pyramidhealthcare

Forgiving people for their actions is a quality of a wise person. Often we forgive but do not forget the mistreatment we received from someone. And that lies down somewhere in the back of our minds, impacting how we treat them in return.

This complicates the relationship with people leading you through all the trauma and stress. Clearing that chaos from your own head will lead to a clean and happy life.

6. Make amends with people who envy you.

Source: fab

Turn your enemies into alliances and see how everything just falls into place. Sometimes it just takes a little effort from your end to go up to the person who has grudges against you and sort things out. But rather than that we just try to find out all the minute things that others do to create hurdles in our path. We too have the ability to take charge and remove those barriers from our roots and have a smooth journey ahead. This might transform their feelings towards you and would end up becoming your friends rather than envying you.

7. Support those who betray you.

Source: talkbusiness

“I will certainly teach that person a lesson as he has betrayed me so that he never reaches the top ever.” We try to bring that person down because they did the same to us. Instead, why not support them and make them feel what they did was wrong? Self-realization will have a longer impact on that person and this way they will think twice before taking advantage of others.


It’s quite easy to preach these things to others but it takes a lot of courage to practice them for real. Imagine yourself starting this chain of good deeds and later seeing how the devil in each one of us is long gone and all we see are some pretty angels looking after each other.

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