Health and Wellness6 Ways to Maintain Relationships At Your Own Risk

6 Ways to Maintain Relationships At Your Own Risk

The relationship is the foundation of human society providing a secure, healthy, and nurturing environment for the family i.e. parents and growing children. The best place to pass on and develop human virtues such as love, kindness, mercy, empathy, understanding, and compassion is in maintaining relationships. Understanding is what makes a relationship.

Sudha Murthy has rightly quoted, “Good relationships, compassion and peace of mind are much more important than achievements, awards and degrees.” The best place to develop strong human relationships such as trust, love, compassion, and understanding is in a family.

6 Ways to Maintain Relationships At Your Own Risk

1. Bond

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A bond is a connection and attachment between members of the family. A bond can be created by spending quality time together. Time spent together becomes memories that can be cherished for years and years. There is no specific parameter to gauge the bond, the best way to understand it is to know that you are emotionally connected to the person, and when they are connected naturally they would want the other to be happy. Plans could be discussed to reinforce and instill values to achieve goals together.

2. Trust

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Trust is a belief that someone will always be loyal. The key to a successful relationship is trust. At some point in time, you need to rely on someone because you want to feel safe and confined to them wholeheartedly. For this, trust is a very important foundation. It allows you to open up and talk without having to defensively protect yourself.

3. Empathy

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There is a thin line between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy means feeling sorry and showing pity. Empathy on the other hand is understanding one’s feelings and showing concern and sharing the emotions of that person. By showing empathy you make a person feel more important and thereby it helps in maintaining strong relationships. Listening and paying attention to what others are saying, it’s like putting yourself in their shoes. Empathy creates a bridge and connects any relationship.

4. Faith

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Trust and faith go hand in hand in any relationship. That is why it is rightly pointed out, “Trust and faith bring joy to life and help relationships grow to their maximum potential.” Faith is connecting to the person you know, it helps in enhancing the relationships. You can always lean on each other for support and advice if there is strong faith in the family.

5. Understanding

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The one condition for love is understanding. It is the foundation for any love. We need to understand the needs of the other person. Bonds become stronger when they are connected with understanding. The expertise to avoid misunderstanding is the perfect way to understand relationships. Be open and communicative and share the darkest secrets to avoid any misunderstandings.

Lack of communication has become the most common issue in today’s world. There is always a complaint, “Please listen to what I have to say.” Unless you listen you can never understand what one has to say. You cannot maintain relations by forcing them to understand you, but by assuring them that you will never misunderstand them.

6. Love

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Love is interwoven with faith, compassion, trust, empathy, and understanding. Relationships are incomplete if any virtue is missing. There are no boundaries to love. Love can be expressed by hugs, kisses, kind words, and offering support. Nevertheless, it’s the only feeling we crave all through our lives. And if we are lucky enough we might have such people around who love us unconditionally.


To sum up, the above six attributes are the resources that enhance family relationships. It can help us to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and other problems that we are constantly facing in our relationships. One should remember that families are made up of different individuals showing different needs, each one with unique beliefs and different values. The mantra to healthy relationships is to accept each individual’s differences, giving them enough space.

“Where there is will there is a way,” so nothing is impossible. Any relationship can blossom if nurtured in the best possible way.

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