Health and Wellness10 Amazing Benefits of Having Tea Daily

10 Amazing Benefits of Having Tea Daily

Tea is the perfect beverage for every season as it can be served both hot or iced. But it’s not just a mere refreshment, studies have shown that habitually having tea can be extremely beneficial for our overall health. Tea has always been a crucial part of traditional medicine in many Asian countries, and in fact, tea is beneficial for brain health as well! 

Tea can be consumed in various ways, with or without milk or creamers, herbally or truly. But no matter how it’s consumed, the potential health benefits of this lovely drink are endless. Fix yourself down with your favorite cup of tea as we share some of the best benefits of having tea every day. 

10 Amazing Benefits of Having Tea Daily

1. It has less Caffeine

Benefits of Having Tea on a Daily Basis
Source: zdnet

Traditional teas are found to have 50% less caffeine than coffee, whereas herbal blends of tea have none. So, it’s safe to consume coffee every day without any sort of effect on our nervous system. If someone is trying to switch from coffee to tea, there are types of tea with a similar taste to coffee; it gives a kick of energy but without caffeine. 

2. Protects and Improves Heart Health

Source: clevelandclinic

The anti-inflammatory properties in tea help to reduce the risk of inflammation which may cause clotting or restrict blood circulation. It has also been shown that tea lowers the risk of heart disease in general. For example, there’s a low chance of heart attacks among those who have tea daily. Herbal tea has also been shown to decrease high blood pressure and cholesterol. Tea acts as a medicinal drink when it comes to our overall heart health. 

3. Supports Mental Health

Source: medicalnet

Having a fresh cup of tea after a rough day is the best way to unwind. Oxidative stress which is linked to depression and dementia can be prevented by the antioxidant properties of tea. Tea has also been shown to reduce stress through its natural soothing effects. 

4. Has Antioxidant Properties


The polyphenol compounds of tea are generally known as tea polyphenols which work wonders as antioxidants. These properties have been shown to have good antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects, even to prevent cancer or regulate lipid metabolism. Green tea is addressed to have more polyphenols or flavonoids than black tea but studies have shown that any kind of plain tea has the same amount of antioxidants.

Some research suggests that if tea is taken with milk, the protein or possibly the fat might reduce the antioxidant capacity of tea, for flavonoids go into a mode of deactivation while binding with proteins. So, green tea might be the best option when it comes to the antioxidant properties of tea. 

5. Improves Gut Health

Source: bluezones

Green tea is not only a healthy way to reduce obesity, but it’s also massively beneficial for gut health. Tea helps the growth of good gut bacteria and it can lead to the prevention of weight gain while lowering the risk of obesity. In addition, herbal teas can provide a series of benefits related to gut health like relief from indigestion, constipation, and ulcers. 

6. Regulates Blood Sugar

Source: medicinenet

Black tea has been shown to lower the levels of blood sugar. Having tea on a daily basis can regulate sugar levels and prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes. 

7. May Prevent Cancer

Source: tea101

Lab and animal studies have shown that green tea has major cancer-fighting potential, it can reduce metastasis and so, prevent cancer of the breast, lungs, skin, and others.

8. Good for Oral Health

Source: ebenezerdental

Sugary drinks and sodas are indeed not great for our mouth, but tea can promote good oral health and prevent periodontal diseases.  

9. Improves Metabolism

Source: medicalnewstoday

Tea can help with aiding weight loss, as it usually ramps up metabolism and fat burning. Having tea daily can indeed promote improved calorie expenditure.

10. May Boost Fertility

Source: indianexpress

Struggles related to fertility are highly influenced by stress, as a result, the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects can indeed improve fertility in both men and women. 

Tea might seem just like a cozy drink or just a comforting cure to cold or flu but the health benefits of this drink go far beyond that. It’s the perfect beverage to boost your immune system and keep your health happy overall. But as we all know, nothing should be overdone. So, as long as we are keeping a healthy limit, the potential health benefits can go a long way to protect us. Settle the kettle down, mix it up, and sip to your health!

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