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10 Miraculous Ways to Work Smart

Changing how we work, can change our overall job satisfaction. With extreme schedules and a tightness of time, what this generation needs is a guide to working smart. Indeed, the strategies to work smart instead of working hard need practice, but once the skills are developed, working smart can be a piece of cake! 

Why is it better to work smart than to work hard? 

Working hard can be extremely draining, whereas working smart can save energy along with increasing productivity. It also induces creativity, confidence, and self-esteem. Smart work helps with time management. Working smart is not something new, if applied wisely, working smart can work wonders! 

So here are the 10 ways to work smart, not hard

1. Taking Breaks

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These are an integral part of working smart. It’s important to take short breaks that involve detachment from anything related to work. It’s good to take a nap, go for walks or to spend time on a hobby while one is taking a smart break. It helps with refocusing and gaining productivity. 

2. Turning Off Notifications

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Notifications can ruin the flow of our ongoing work as these are a great distraction to our minds. As soon as we get a loud notification, we might get an urge to check it out, and before we know it, hours pass by like a snap. The best way to work smart is to turn off any notifications on any devices sitting near us while we work. This way, we get our work done first and can peacefully check out our notifications once we’re done. 

3. Using Pen & Paper

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Though switching to digital devices always sounds smarter, in reality, using pen and paper is a smarter approach to working realistically. Making a schedule on a notebook instead of a mobile or laptop is a good way to work smart, as it’s more effective. Penning down thoughts helps with implying those thoughts in real life, thus, helping with smart work. 

4. Using a Timer to Set Deadlines

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It gets difficult to work smart if we do not know how to keep track of time because smart work is all about saving time and energy. Using a timer for a certain amount of time and aiming to finish a task before the timer rings can be a great way to stay focused. It helps us to keep staying on track and to make sure that we do not get distracted. Also, it gives a sense of satisfaction if done right. 

5. Stop Multitasking

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People who say that they can do more than one thing at a time might sound awesome but that’s not the best way to get a job done on time. If we do too many things at once, it can get extremely hectic and we might end up with absolutely nothing along with a waste of time and energy. It’s best to sort tasks out and to do one thing at a time. As a result, the quality of the job stays intact as well. 

6. Keeping a Short To-Do List

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Maintaining a huge list of things can be extremely draining. We might get all bummed out just by looking at it first thing in the morning. It’s pretty smart to keep our to-do lists short & crisp. By doing so, we can finish the tasks that are already on the list & can make a new to-do list for another part of our day afterward. This way, we stay motivated enough to finish all the tasks that need to be completed. 

7. Planning the Week Ahead

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Putting difficult tasks at the beginning of the week and slowing down as the week goes by is a smart way to work. That way, we get to relax as the weekends and the hardest tasks get our most attention. 

8. Putting Similar Tasks Together

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Tasks that are similar or interconnected should be put together, that way it’s easy to assert the tasks & finish them in one go! 

9. Getting Up Early

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It sounds cliche but it works wonders! Smart people indeed wake up early, as it lets them have more time throughout the day. Working early is perhaps more effective. It’s also a very healthy habit to have. 

10. Tracking Time and Reviewing Productivity

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Source: quickanddirtytips

To work smart, it’s essential to keep a record of how we’re progressing. It gives a scope for improvements and betterment of ourselves and our tasks. 

The list of strategies to work smart can be endless. It’s necessary to always believe in our progress. We also have to work intellectually while making sure that we use every bit of our energy and time as it will bring out the very best within us.

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