Food and Nutrition14 Ways to Increase the Benefits Derived from Food

14 Ways to Increase the Benefits Derived from Food

We cannot live without food for long, but when we eat it, we must make sure that all the benefits of the food presented are achieved to the fullest. This can be done by eating the right food at the right time and in the right way. This will increase the efficiency of the food item and give the maximum benefit to the body.

14 Ways to Increase the Benefits Derived from Food

1. Choose local food

Local food is not just aromatic and good in taste it is equally nutritious and since it is locally grown its nutrient scale matches the climatic zone where you live. It is important to consume food belonging to the same climatic zone where one stays, and this is ensured by eating local food.

2. Do not discard the nutritious part of the food

Every food item that is naturally grown has many layers to it. For example, pulses have different layers, and the unpolished ones that have the most layers are the most nutritious, but in order to make them tasty people often discard the outer layers, which leads to the degradation of vital nutrients and the body does not get what it actually needs from the food.

3. Eat at the correct time of the day

Eating at the correct time of the day is important as every time requires different levels of energy and nutrients. For example, it is advised to eat light and less sweet when you go to bed as it gets digested quickly and promotes deep sleep. Eating any sweet dish or drinking beverages like coffee and tea before bed can be harmful to the sleep cycle and the body.

4. Focus on eating

It is advised by professionals that when you eat you should focus only on eating. This is a crucial thing to note because where you pay most attention that part of life tends to be better. Therefore when you eat while focusing on anything else potential nutrients and benefits of the food is not derived, hence when eating the food all attention should be on the plate and the vegetables.

5. Chew better

The better you chew the less effort the body has to make on digesting the food. If it is broken into smaller particles it can easily be digested by the stomach and improves the metabolism. Hence, chewing food better may help in increasing its benefits tremendously.

6. Eat a balanced meal

Eating a balanced meal is not just advice but a necessity for a healthy life. Balanced meal usually consists of vegetables, fruits, grains, milk products, and meat to some extent. This is a complete wholesome meal. However, one should not eat grains, meat, and milk products in excess as they can be harmful to the body, instead consuming more vegetables and fruits should be encouraged.

7. Avoid too much salt in food

Excess of salt in food is harmful to the body. It can lead to various chronic diseases and even reduce the nutritional content of the vegetables. Avoiding too much salt can be the best way to regulate your diet and get additional benefits from the same food.

8. Avoid a lot of sugar

Just like excess salt is harmful, excess sugar is also harmful to the body. Too much sugar leads to chronic diseases and reduces the nutrient content of the food which is why one should eat less sugar, this will help in better nutrient absorption in the body.

9. Eat at certain intervals

Eating continuously or eating after a very long interval can be harmful and insufficient for the body. Eating is like a cycle because the body needs energy after certain intervals and giving it all the energy at once or letting it starve for long can be harmful. Hence, to take proper benefits of food it is necessary to consume it at certain fixed intervals.

10. Do not eat in a hurry

Eating in a hurry is like reading the headings of the chapters in a book without going through the entire chapter. When you eat in a hurry the food goes inside but is not absorbed properly and remains undigested or is thrown away by the body. Therefore, eating slowly and consuming every bite properly is important for getting full benefit from it.

11. Be careful while drinking water

Drinking water is more important than eating food. Water gives nutrients that are needed for the sustenance of the body. However, if you drink water incorrectly it might lead to more problems than solutions. One should sit in a comfortable position and drink water slowly. It is rightly said that you should drink your food and chew the water.

12. Wash the vegetables and fruits

Clean food is the first step to a healthy state of body and mind. It is important to wash the fruits and vegetables before consuming them. They might have certain harmful bacterias and germs on it which needs to be removed before consumption, therefore washing every vegetable and fruit before eating is very important.

13. Eat less oil

Consuming a lot of oily food might degrade the nutrient level of the vegetables. One should add less oil to their food so that more nutrients and fibers present in the vegetables can be absorbed by the body.

14. Do not skip meals

Skipping meals is like taking one step closer to being unhealthy and weak. Every diet of the day has a particular significance. Therefore, skipping the meal can lead to degradation of your health.

Eating is an important part of living, but eating the right way is more significant than the act of eating itself. One should be careful while eating anything as it stays within the body for a long time and has effects on every cell of the body.

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