Food and Nutrition11 Foods that are good in Taste and are Healthy

11 Foods that are good in Taste and are Healthy

Most of us struggle to find the right balance between healthy and tasty food. Some dishes might be healthy with amazing benefits but are not palatable enough to include in everyday life, while others are super tasty but extremely unhealthy. Nevertheless, to keep going with a healthy diet it is important to make it delicious and fulfilling.

11 Foods that are good in Taste and are Healthy

1. Chickpea curry

Chickpea is known for its nutritional properties and is a famous salad ingredient. Its fiber rich property makes it a perfect option for lunch and dinner. Chickpea curry is one of the most delicious curries in Indian cuisine. Add spices and herbs to make this delicious and nutritious curry.

2. Rajma curry

The cooking process for Kidney beans or Rajma is similar to chickpeas. It is rich in protein, fiber and is beneficial in keeping the heart healthy. Its curry is a famous north Indian dish and is great to keep one warm and healthy.

3. Flattened rice

Flattened rice is a probiotic, has plenty of iron and is a great source of carbohydrates. Poha using flattened rice is one of India’s favorite breakfast recipes. This easy and quick meal provides benefits of health and is equally delicious.

4. Upma

Upma made from Rava or Semolina is a South Indian breakfast known for its taste and health benefits. It is made using a lot of vegetables with peanuts and is a great source of nutrients and protein. It also regulates blood sugar levels and is known to lower cholesterol levels.

5. Oats porridge

Oats porridge is a quick and easy recipe that gives health benefits with taste. It is a great source of controlling weight and is healthy for the heart. Oats porridge is a light meal and best to start the day on a healthy and positive note.

6. Fruit smoothie

No one has the time to chop vegetables and make a full time meal when they are working or living away from home. Fruit smoothies are the best option for students and working people. All you need to do is add your favorite fruits into the juicer with some dates and milk to make a delicious morning breakfast. With unparalleled nutritional benefits it is a healthy and tasty breakfast option.

7. Pasta salad

Pasta salad is in vogue currently and for the right reasons, if you can get semolina pasta or macaroni around it can be one of the best salad recipes with great health benefits. Add the vegetables of your choice with a dressing made at home to make it.

8. Curd and rice

Though underestimated curd and rice is an amazing recipe to include as any meal of the day. Rich in probiotic curd is an elixir for health and rice fulfills the stomach like nothing else.

9. Mac and cheese

This tasty American meal is filled with health benefits if the right macaroni and cheese is used. It is good for weight gain and is rich in protein. It’s quick to make and by adding vegetables you can customize it the way you want.

10. Vermicelli noodles

Vermicelli noodles is a healthy version of Chinese noodles. It is made using the good old rava(semolina) and has its benefits along with crispy peanuts and vegetables.

11. Whole Grain vegetable sandwich

Vegetable sandwich is a wholesome and easy meal. If made from whole wheat or whole grain bread it can prove to be healthy and undoubtedly tasty. Add protein rich cottage cheese along with vegetables to make this easy yet healthy snack.

If you consider the widest views around the globe there will be a plethora of recipes that are good in taste and nutrition, but here are the easiest dishes that can be cooked at home without much hassle.

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