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11 Hacks That Will Make Your Festivals More Beautiful

Every festival is an auspicious welcome of love and prosperity. It is an occasion everyone celebrates and is something that binds families and communities together. With the coming of newer and more secluded ways of living the joy of festivals have seen a reduction.

11 Hacks That Will Make Your Festivals More Beautiful

1. Invite people

The more people are there along with you to celebrate the festivals the more fun it is. This is why people say that joint families have all the fun of enjoying festivals. This is true because there are a lot of people who celebrate together and work together to make an occasion special. However if you are away from your family or have a nuclear family you can invite neighbors and friends to celebrate.

2. Send gifts

Sending gifts is one of the best ways to show gratitude towards others. It is important for you to make your relatives and loved ones feel that you care for them and giving gifts is the best way to do this. In return, you get blessings and wishes that will always keep you motivated and inspired.

3. Make it environment friendly

Festivals are celebrated on a wide scale throughout the country and sometimes across the world. This makes the occasion waste producing, over the years a lot of waste is generated due to festivals and this can only be stopped if everyone is more aware and celebrates festivals in an environmentally friendly manner. This is perfectly possible because originally none of the festivals were waste-producing. It is the coming up of new products in the market that create the waste.

4. Make it a collective effort

People are also moving away from celebrating festivals because it gets tiring for one person to manage the entire event. Hence, any celebration should be a collective effort, there should be work for everyone and everyone should work together to put up the best show.

5. Make the festivities inclusive

This is one of the most important and necessary tips to enjoy and make a festival meaningful. Whenever there is a group celebration it should be in a way that it includes the necessities of all the people from kids to elders.

6. Make sure the food is healthy and locally sourced

Festivals are known for its cuisine. In fact a lot of them are mainly due to the presence of a particular food item. Therefore, whenever you are planning a festival celebration make sure that the food is locally sourced and the traditional food eaten in the season of the festival.

7. Revive the original traditions

Several traditions of festivals and cultures are lost in the midst of trends and show-offs. It is the need of the hour to revive them and festivals are the best way to do so. This is the time when you can ask the elders in the family to do the proceedings according to the traditions and revive the lost cultures.

8. Spread the love

It is important to spread the love that you receive at festivals. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the resources to celebrate occasions. There are people longing to be happy when everyone around them is celebrating. One should use these occasions to spread happiness to the needy people around them.

9. Add a special aspect

Although it is important to revive the lost cultures on every festival it is equally necessary to add a special touch to it, with something that defines you. It can be anything small or big. For instance, you can make every Diwali special by lighting fire lanterns with the entire family or baking special cakes on Christmas and gift it to everyone around.

10. Add an extra touch to the lighting and decorations

There are millions of easy and fun ways to make the lighting and decorations at festivals beautiful. This small step can instantly change the energy of the day. You can get help from the internet and come up with sustainable ways to make the decorations pretty.

11. Making them meaningful

The idea behind celebrating a festival was initially to foster an idea or spread awareness of a certain aspect of life. This itself is a reason good enough to make us think that festivals should convey meaning to the world and humanity. The meaning can be as subtle as care and as big as giving back to society.

There is no guideline or a perfect way to celebrate any festival. However, if you follow these ways you will certainly gain more happiness and radiate more prosperity around. Festivals are a source of joy but more than that it has become a source of money and favors, there is a need to reverse this change and bring the original traditions of the festivals back.

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