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11 Easy and Comfortable Food Recipes in Winters

Winters is the time of the year people eagerly wait for. It marks the end of the year and also the beginning in many countries and is filled with celebrations and lights all around. Though we all enjoy this season, it cannot be denied that no one likes to move out from the comfortable blanket to cook but everyone loves to eat delicacies during winter. However, there are a few recipes that are easy to make and delicious to eat.

11 Easy and comfortable food recipes in Winters

1. Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is light yet fulfilling, it is one of the best things to enjoy in the comforts of the house especially when Christmas and New year is around. Hot and chocolate cake always gives warmth to the body and happiness to everybody, gence it is a must try dish in winters.

2. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the easiest versions of cake along with being tasty and healthy. Warm pan cakes made with a few ingredients and topped with honey can never be denied by any one. It can be a great option if there is any gathering in your home.

3. Noodles

When it comes to winters, enjoying noodles with a cup of tea or coffee is one combination that everyone craves for. You just need to be careful about the number of times you eat it due to the health value of noodles, however, considering some genuinely healthy noodle brands in the market one can choose wisely and enjoy carefree.

4. Soup

Hot and sour soup is the remedy of every stress. Winters are incomplete without soups, it’s easy to make and always tastes good, whether it is used as a breakfast lunch or dinner it can be enjoyed at any point of the day.

5. Eggs

Eggs are a great combination of taste and health. There are various ways to consume it and every way is filled with different tastes. It is rich in protein and an amazing option for winters. Egg sandwich or an omelet is one of the best dishes to savor in winters.

6. Curries

Any kind of curry with spices garlic and ginger is a great option to try in winter. Chicken curry is a great option if you prefer nonvegetarian food, however, there are a number of vegetarian options to try. For instance, A cottage paneer curry or a lotus stem curry which has spices will keep you warm and taste heavenly on chilly winter evenings.

7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is light and easy and perfect for the days when you do not feel like cooking a lot and eating heavy food. It is loaded with nutrients and helps in managing weight. A salty rich vegetable oatmeal if served hot can be a delicious food option in winters.

8. Milk recipes

Any recipe containing milk and dairy products can never be missed in winters. It is healthy and fulfilling. Be it a warm milkshake or a cheesy pasta, everything tastes good on a cold winter evening.

9. Masala tea

Nothing can beat a strong masala tea filled with spices and herbs. It not just tastes refreshing but also helps in fighting the cold weather. Masala tea is related to a healthy heart and can be your best friend when the cold weather turns out to be your enemy.

10. Try regional food

Every region has a special delicacy for a special weather. In India all the parts of the country have different recipes for different occasions and weather. If you eat regional food it will always benefit you. Since different types of vegetables and crops are grown in winters, every region has specific winter dishes, for instance, the world-famous sarso ka saag and makke(corns) ki roti of Punjab.

11. Dry fruits

Dry fruits are nutritious and healthy in every weather and every time of the day. However, if they are consumed rightly in winter it will not just taste good but also keep one warm. The best way of eating dry fruits in winter is by adding them in any warm sweet dish, for example, gajar ka halwa.

Winters are better with tasty recipes. To make the chills and smoke on a winter evening more refreshing and memorable, enjoy them with one of these recipes.

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