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12 Experiences that will Change your Perspective towards Life

From early morning to the late hours of night, there are a plethora of moments that have the power to change the way we look at life. We do not realize its presence because we never pay enough attention to these aspects.

After reading the points below your perspective towards the given situation may change and every moment of the day might seem to be deeper and joyous than it had ever been.

12 Experiences that will Change your Perspective towards Life

1. Traveling

Traveling is by far the most thrilling experience in a person’s life. Staying away from your home for days, exploring and meeting new people, getting acquainted with their customs, and trying new delicacies is amazing. If you have traveled around the country or any other part of the world you would relate to how it changes the way we look at life. It familiarizes us with the struggle of the world throws us out of our comfort zones and hence turns the wheels of our lives for good.

2. Watching the sunrise or sunset

Amongst the many things we pass by in everyday life, one is the rising and setting sun. It’s said passing by because often we ignore the view. A sunrise and sunset is more than just a view. It tells us about the quintessentially and fragility of life. Stopping and witnessing sunrise and sunset may make you a more calm and more patient person who values time.

3. Seeing how the birds build their nest

Building any home is not just about laying the foundation but also about the memories and efforts that are engraved with it. You can learn it by looking at a bird making its nest. She brings all the necessary materials, spends time weaving them together, and comes out with a beautiful home for herself and her little family. This act of making things from scratch can infuse hope and motivation in your life and change the negativity into positivity.

4. Witnessing a failure

Not every effort ends in success, and not every story has a happy ending. If you have ever witnessed a failure or will witness it that moment, that incident will make you stronger and more perseverent changing your perspective towards life

5. Seeing a baby grow

This is one of the cutest and kindest experiences of life. If you have a little brother or sister who is now touching the heights of your soldiers, you know what it feels like to see them grow. These are things that we notice in years, but when we do the span of life seems shorter. It brings us closer to our families and strengthens our bonds with them.

6. Facing your fears

Everyone has fears. Human beings have so many different experiences and all of them cannot be beautiful. Some incidents and objects make us fearful for life. But when you realize that fear itself is bigger than the fear of something, you might make the effort to face and conquer it. Facing fears is the best way to be more connected to life.

7. Doing something you never expected

Sometimes we do things that were never on our list. These are the moments we should cherish and keep closest to our hearts. Be it bunking classes in school or driving a car for the first time. Unexpected experiences make life happier and give us the confidence to face every situation.

8. Skydiving

Skydiving is fun for a few but a nightmare for others. But the truth is it is a challenge we must take if we get a chance. Looking at the earth from a distance, with nothing around use is thrilling and profound. Skydiving has been a great experience for many people and the day you take it you will realize the great adventure it is.

9. Climbing a mountain

Tiring, dangerous, and fearful it may seem, but climbing a mountain gives you the belief to be able to climb the highest heights in life. Everyone does not need to be a climber, but stones make everyone’s path, and climbing a huge stone gives you the confidence to cross every hurdle.

10. Helping anyone you do not know

Humanity is the biggest gift we have. Realizing this can change the way we look at life, and the most important way of knowing the importance of humanity and kindness is by helping someone you do not know. Millions of people need help. But if you help even one, it is a life-changing experience.

11. An unexpected car drive with friends

Unplanned and spontaneous trips are the most fascinating ones. If you haven’t tried this you must escape on a drive with your closest friends and explore the roads you find on your way. You might find the best tea stall or the best views on these trips and keep it as your favorite memory for the rest of your life.

12. Making your parents proud

If nothing seems right, this one thing can never seem to be wrong. Ultimately all of us have this one dream in our hearts and that is to make our parents proud. The day you do it, everything seems to fall into place. This experience would stay with you forever and enrich your life.

Experiences are hard to document. The emotions and memories attached to it can only be felt and therefore it is said that they have the power to change one’s perspective toward life because it is beyond documentation and revelations.


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