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11 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are On Period

Everyone is aware of the difficulties a woman or young girl faces during menstruation. The period is similar to a roller coaster since it begins two days in advance and lasts for three to four days during the actual time. The unpleasant stomach cramps, bloating, and mood swings that occur when women receive their periods are just a few of the many unpleasant things that can happen. All of this is uncomfortable, yet no woman can avoid it since it is an unavoidable aspect of being a woman. Concerns will also arise for women who do not experience regular menstrual cycles. For women, having periods or not having regular periods is concerning. But it is true that women who experience regular menstruation are in good health. Women should use greater caution in this area. But if the ladies make the appropriate changes, the symptoms will improve. There are several activities that women or girls should refrain from doing when they are menstruating.

11 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are On Period

1. Don’t use douching

Women shouldn’t use douching to clean themselves during their periods since it might be dangerous. It may throw off the delicate equilibrium of the microorganisms known as vaginal flora. Therefore, this impairment may worsen the environment for the development of bacteria that cause infection and may raise the risk of developing STDs by interfering with the vagina’s natural bacterial defences. Studies have also shown that women who ceased douching were less likely to get bacterial vaginosis.

2. Avoid using the same sanitary napkins all day

Women who are on their periods need to practice excellent cleanliness. The pads or tampons should be changed regularly during the day, though. There is a substantial risk of infection if the pads or tampons are not changed. Long-term use of the same pads can encourage the growth of germs, which will result in foul odors. The smell could be intolerable. Additionally, it will result in rashes, skin rashes, and toxic shock syndrome.

3. Avoid drinking coffee

Many women and girls enjoy drinking coffee to relax, but the reality is that they are unaware of the high caffeine content of the beverage, which can make your pain worse and cause soreness in your breasts. However, women should refrain from drinking coffee.

4. Avoid shaving or waxing your genital areas

Avid of removing hair during menstruation. If you are using wax, this region, which is quite delicate, may sting and cause you discomfort. Shaving might also be overly messy due to blood flow. While shaving, you could potentially suffer a cut, and this might result in a serious illness. To minimise pain, try to wax or shave either before or after the mensuration.

5. Skipping meals and eating junk food

Women on period may feel like eating junk food and they might skip eating their regular food. Skipping meals during your mensuration is not at all good because it can severely affect your energy levels, making you feel lethargic and irritable. Women, however, should not replace actual meals with junk food. Because junk food contains high amounts of salt and sugar, which contributes to issues like bloating and discomfort to women or girls who are on their periods.

6. Avoid unprotected sex

A couple should avoid having sex without the use of protection. There is no harm in having sex during menstruation, as there is a common misconception and myth that sex cannot occur during periods. However, if you are having sex, remember to use protection because having sex without protection is not a good idea. If you aren’t planning on starting a family right now, you should avoid taking the risk. Furthermore, protected sex is a method of avoiding STDs and any kind of infection.

7. Sleeping without a pad at night

Because of the discomfort, it can cause while sleeping, many women and girls may believe it is acceptable to sleep without a pad at night. Many of them are also concerned about the possibility of rashes as a result of wearing the pad for so long. If you are concerned about the rashes, you should also change your pad at night. There are other options for selecting the best brand that will not cause rashes even if worn for long periods of time at night or you can also use a mensuration cup instead of pads. However, never go to bed without a pad or menstruation cup to control the flow.

8. Avoid junk food

Many women at this time crave just junk food, which prevents them from eating a balanced diet. They overindulge in junk food to unwind. But rather than making you feel at ease, this can have the opposite impact. Having a low energy level can make you feel miserable, sluggish, and angry. junk food has negative effects on your periods, making you feel more uncomfortable and bloated. It includes extremely high levels of salt as well as several preservatives and sugar.

9. Limit your salt intake

Women on their period should avoid eating foods high in slats. High-salt food is not good for women during menstruation because it can aggravate cramps. Furthermore, it can cause bloating, which adds to the discomfort.

10. Do not go for breast checking during periods

Avoid getting your breasts checked during your period because there are too many hormonal changes going on. Going for a breast exam will not provide accurate results, and it will also make it difficult to detect abnormalities in the breast. The best time to go is after the periods have finished or before the periods begin.

11. Quit smoking during your period

Despite everyone being aware of the dangers of smoking, many individuals continue to smoke. Now, women should refrain from smoking during their periods, especially those who are addicted to smoking. In addition to causing discomfort, it might make the agony worse.


Menstruation or period time is the most challenging time for all women and young girls. To make the time smooth and enjoyable, you must steer clear of all of the aforementioned activities, though. Use Stayfree to avoid the uncomfortable bloating and excruciating cramping that comes with menstruation.

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